Sunday, November 8, 2009

Penncrest Swing 'N Sew Sewing Machine

Woo Hoo!!! Louie found a new toy for me!!!!  Well, it’s not really a toy…it’s a real sewing machine, but it is SEW CUTE!!! Please forgive me for the massive amounts of photos, but I just have to show you EVERYTHING! Here is it, all closed up.


 Left end (needle end).


Right end (hand wheel end)

. 016                                              
  Front panel dropped.  

This shows the magnet which holds the panel up.

 Left end panel dropped

Back panel dropped

 This machine is fashioned after the Elna Lotus, in my opinion. The panels are made to wrap around the machine, hence, Lotus, like flower petals. I also believe it was the competitions solution to trying to make a smaller sewing machine when the Singer Featherweight came out and was such a success. JCPenney copied Elna. This machine was made in Japan.

  I haven’t been able to find much on the internet about this machine, but I do know it was sold by JCPenney, and the brand name is Penncrest. There are no dates on the box or instruction manual (which I forgot to photograph), but I am making an educated guess, just by the design and colors of late 60’s to early 70’s. 
  These photos show that I have removed the front and back panels.

 006                  005  

This is the little vinyl ‘bag’ that the foot control came in, and the little box of accessories. 


Here is the original box, in not such good shape, but original.

  001 002
I walked by this box a couple times, and didn’t even see it. At Goodwill, the electrical aisle is usually a madhouse, with too many people who crowd the aisle and won’t move,  and sometimes I just want to scream, ‘GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!’, Grrrrr!!! Before we left, Louie asked me if I saw the sewing machine in the box. NO! (I said with eyebrows raised and escalating curiosity!) I scooted right over there to see what it was. He thought it was a toy, and I don’t normally buy modern toy sewing machines, but this wasn’t a toy! Boy, am I glad he asked me!!!
I did spend a couple hours cleaning and oiling it, as it has sat for many years, I am sure. At first, I couldn’t get the zigzag to work, but I oiled, and pushed parts back and forth, back and forth, oiled some more, examined a lot, and just when I was about to give up and show Louie that it wasn’t going to zigzag, thinking it must have a defective part, IT TOOK OFF!!! WOO HOO!!!

Someone I used to know once, called me the ‘Sewing Machine Whisperer’. I usually can.
Here is the top of the sample piece I sewed (on a paper towel)… 

and the back 
  Here it is sewing!

Thank you for letting me tell you about my ‘new’ (old) cute little sewing machine!

Be blessed!                                                       


Libby said...

Oh my gosh!! How cute is that?? I LOVE it and the stitches look great!! I can just see this machine in the Brady's house with Marcia sewing up a groovy new skirt!! What a fine!

Amelia said...

Wow, that machine just hums along and makes a beautiful stich. Have you decided where to display it?

A new toy - brings much joy!

Carla said...

SMW, you've done it again! Why does it seem that all the best sewing machines wind up in Goodwills in Iowa? Please tell Louie to keep his eyes open for one just like that one for my daughter...a lover of all things from the 60's and 70's. Thank you, Louie. Thank you, Michelle.

Hazel said...

What a great fine and is seems to work perfectly ,good for you .

Suzan said...

Too cute!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Great find Michelle! I'm thinking about buying a small machine for my 12 year old granddaughter for Christmas. I have no idea if she would like it or not but I think she might - she's sewn a little with me and a little with her other grandmother but I think she would have fun making doll clothes. She made pajama pants with her other grandmother. Decisions, decisions! blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Great little machine, Michelle! It's similar to the little Kenmore 1030 that I have. They were probably made during the same time frame. Tiny but still powerful.

Valerie said...

I have never ever heard of a machine like this. I can tell you this....I love my Singer 401A! So fun to use!

Karens Hopes said...

Wow great find.. I'm sure it will give you many years pleasure after it was rescued from the shelf.
Look forward to seeing many projects produced with it.

jillquilts said...

Very cute little machine!! I love the colors! I was so born in the wrong decade! LOL

And Sewing Machine Whisperer is right! She may be gone, but the name will stick!

Alice Grace said...

Cute as can be! Looks like it sews great, too!

KyQuiltlady said...

Great little machine. Sounds so quiet and makes a good stitch.

Molly said...

Michelle, how perfectly marvelous you old Sewing machine Whisperer!! I have found several machines at Salvation Army and Goodwill Stores, they are the best place to shop. Have fun with I have to tell you that *LOL*

Anonymous said...

How interesting and adorable. Was just at Val's blog and popped over to see the sweet lady that sent Granny's sheet for her new quilt project. Folks in blog world are so sweet!!! >^.^< "Val's Cousin Nancy"

Mildred said...

I love its small size - what a great find!

Kristie said...

Now how did I miss this post? I love your new little baby!!! So how many does this make you now???

Dana said...

Michelle, I just ran across your blog and found we have something in common, the Swing 'N Sew sewing machine. I bought mine used over 20 years ago and just today took it out of storage where it's been for 10 years. I find that it really is an amazing little machine, but heavy for it's small size. The one thing I don't have is a manual. Do you know how or where to oil it? Or maybe what type of service it needs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks djames50 at gmail dot com.

Roni Hanifen said...

I bought one (without the flowers) for $60.00 at JC Penny's in Honolulu back in 1975. I sewed my wedding dress on it. I sold it at a army thrift store in Germany in 1981 and have always regretted it. Great machine.

pearlsrevealed said...

Thank the Lord. I have the exact machine but the sticker with the model number is gone. Please tell me the model number on your machine and tell me where can I find the manual. I bought this at garage sell 16 years ago with the intention of learning to sew. A shop just checked it out and told me it is a JCPenney machine made by Elna Lotus. The repairman was not there when I collected my machine so the clerk could not help me.

Michelle said...

I cannot reply to you unless you email me back with a return email address as you are a no-reply blogger, which means that your email address is not on your profile information.

Michelle said...

Got it!

Janice Shirley said...

Hi Michelle, My wife has had one of these sewing machines since 1975. Her version has a hard cover in lieu of the 2 side magnetic flip down lotus cover panels as supplied to the US market version. Her version was brought in NZ, and to get around the taxes of the time, some local content had to added to the machine, and they did this by removing the 2 magnetic side panels and replacing it with a nice removable hard cover, for transportation. It makes for a nice portable unit. The machine was made in Japan. It has all the same identical colours, knobs, buttons, as well as features and signage that your one has, except for the flip side down panels. She can supply a photo to you if you would like.

Michelle said...

Sure! :)


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