Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quilt Top Finished!

When you last tuned in, this was the last picture you saw, and I had just laid out the white fabric to see what it would look like, and also just laid down the strips I had left over from the strip sets. I had cut each strip set into 5” pieces, and I had enough to cut a 3 1/2” piece at each end. That is what I used for the outer piano key border.Pool quilt 009                                        Have you ever done something the same way, like FOREVER, and then one day, just like someone hits you on the head, you realize, ‘Oh, hey! Why didn’t I think of this before?’ As I was ironing each border I added, and I kept sliding the top down the ironing board, and folding over what I had just ironed, I thought, ‘Oh, hey! Why don’t I just put both of my ironing boards end to end and make a longer ironing surface?’ Can you say, ‘Oh DUH, Michelle! Take you long enough to think of that?!!!’ So put them end to end, I did! Wow, that REALLY helped! It also helped me measure the sides so I knew how long to cut the borders, without laying it on the floor, and it gave me a nice place to pin the borders on! (I know, I know….I get so excited about the simplest things!)  Pool quilt 011                                        Here is the quilt top with all the white/black borders sewn on….Pool quilt 013                                        ….and here it is with the first piano key border sewn on.           Pool quilt 015                                        Ta da!!! My sweetie’s new quilt top is finished!!!! It measures 64” x 81”.              Pool quilt 017                                        Tune in tomorrow, when I’ll be loading it on the quilter and quilting it! 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, didn’t eat too much (I did!), and enjoyed time with friends and family.

Be blessed,                                       Michelle



Amelia said...

That would be so handy in putting the ironing boards together.

Yes, it is light bulb moment when all of sudden we discover a new way of doing something...we all have been there.

Enjoy your weekend!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle I love the piano key border! What a difference it made - just made the whole thing a Wow! blessings, marlene

Valerie said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that YOU thought of this. I sure wouldn't have. What a super smart idea. The quilt is gorgeous! Love it!

Regina said...

Awesome idea -makes me want to go get another ironing board!

Hazel said...

The quilt turned out great ,the white border and piano keyboard was just what it needed .You've done it again, the idea of the two ironing boards is a keeper .

Libby said...

What a great idea! I hate trying to iron long borders, always falling off the iron!! Thanks for sharing! Libby

p.s-I hate too much


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