Thursday, December 10, 2009

No. Email….HELP! I’m Mellllltinggggg….

I’m DYING here. Mediacom is changing their email system over and they are having problems, so NO EMAIL!  Mediacom is my only email account, so NO EMAIL!  I came home from work, and once Louie took on the role of ‘the cable guy’ and fixed the connection at the pole for the 87hundrenth time, we have internet…for now…it comes and goes. We go through this EVERY winter. He’s not shy about calling them and asking them where he should send the bill for repairs….and he did again tonight.

With the new Mediacom email system, to even get into the new Mediacom page, it wants to run a download of some sort, to the computer you are using.  Well, gee, the computer I check email on at work, won’t let me download anything, because I AM NOT AUTHORIZED TO DOWNLOAD, OR CHANGE ANYTHING ON THAT COMPUTER!

Since I gave up on trying to use the Mediacom email system online, because I was not authorized to change the computer, I went to Mail2Web to see if Mediacom had their system fixed, and had any email for me, but it just keeps telling me, YOU HAVE NO NEW MESSAGES… (because MEDIACOM WON’T GIVE THEM TO ME!)

I thought if Mediacom was going to be that complicated, what I would do, was create a Gmail account, and leave Mediacom mail behind, to make getting my mail easier away from home.  I set my account up with the new email, then I went to the settings in blogger to change my email address for comment notifications, but I couldn’t do it because,  YOU CAN’T HAVE A GOOGLE (gmail) EMAIL ADDRESS AS YOUR PRIMARY ADDRESS FOR BLOGSPOT! GRRRRRR!!! WHY????!! WHAT IF THAT WAS ALL I HAD???

I tried sending everyone in my email address book (using Gmail, because my Mediacom account won’t work) the new Gmail email address, but the emails all came back, because I sent too many out and Gmail tagged it as SPAM. The notification said that some people will purposely create a Gmail account just so they can send spam or mass bulk emails.  Well, gee, I didn’t want to COMPOSE and send 47 SEPARATE emails notifying everyone of my new email address. (SIGH!)

Do you see the circle I am running in? Can you feel my frustration? (HELP!!!  The room is spinning!) If you respond with comments on this post, I won’t even be able to see your comments, or moderate them, or publish them, unless I keep logging into my account and checking, because MEDIACOM WON’T GIVE ME MY MAIL!

HELP ME! I’m Mellll-tinggggg…



ps. Ok, so I have the notifications set to the new gmail address, but I still have to log in with my old email address. I’m SO confused!


Hazel said...

Thats why I have many email address's Gmail ,Yahoo ,Hotmail and my providers .If ones down you always can use the others .

Suzan said...

I am like Hazel. I have lots of email addresses. You can set up a second gmail account using a different name, title, whatever. Or set up a new Yahoo account. That being said, I really think that gmail is my primary email account on blogger. Don't know why it won't let you do that.

Libby said...

AARGGH! Sounds frustrating!! Good Luck!

Gina said...

Deep breaths, deep breaths. You will get through this

Love and hugs Gina xxx

jillquilts said...

It is very frustrating!!! I changed from my Road Runner account a few months ago because I was sooooo frustrated with how long it took to get emails to my phone AND it was a pain to send emails from the computer because every 30 seconds there was a delay in the typing as it auto saved. And there was NO way to turn the auto save off.

I love my gmail now!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all I got an e-mail from you telling me your new gmail address. Second, where are you talking about in settings? I use a gmail account and I think it's in there? blessings, marlene

Valerie said...

I hope you got all of this fixed. I haven't got to read blogs due to wedding planning. 1 week from today! Pray for me! But when I came home tonight I thought I would check in with you. Hey I also wanted to tell you that I went to the thrift store after I read your last post and the first thing I found was some really nice place mats. I bought them, washed them and they are waiting on me. I will probably not get to do any sewing until after wedding. The placemats are the first project that I am gonna work on. I hope you are doing good.


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