Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guess What Louie’s Fixing Today?

snow dec 9 005 

You have to be specific in your answer. The first correct guesser gets a surprise from me! (It’s even a surprise to me, because I don’t know yet either!)

Our dishwasher is broke too, but I have to call my Maytag man for that! (My brother). He’ll be thrilled! (NOT!)

The quilting girls will be here any minute, and I’m not ready. See you later!

Be blessed,

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Amelia said...

I have no idea...but I bet that Louie will give it a try to get it back to going...and more than likely he will succeed.

Hope the day with the girls was filled with lots of fun and some sewing/quilting.

Hazel said...

It looks like some kind of pump .I bet he has it going in no time .Does that man ever take a day off LOL

Karen said...

I hope it's not the toliet again!!! Glad you have such handy people in your family! Must be the season as just read Judy L's blog and she has problems with her jetted tub and is replacing her dishwasher. My sister is out washer shopping as I type! Yikes!

Karly said...

Hi Michelle! Is it a part for a snowblower? Hope whatever it is, that he fixes it. Have a great weekend and have fun with your quilting group :)

Valerie said...

A Garbage disposal?? I have no idea if that is not correct. I even had my hubby look at it and he could not figure it out. I am anxious to hear what he is working on.

kutiequilter said...

I'm thinking sump we get 2 guesses seeing I all ready guessed 1x before??

Michelle said...

To kutiequilter:
Could you change your email preferences in blogger so I can respond to you? I see you have signed up for blogger, but don't have a blog. Where do you live? Who are you? I have no way of responding to you.

Only one guess.
Be blessed,

Lori said...

Is it a Ford fuel pump??? I have to confess on calling in the big guns on this one.


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