Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

2007-Ford-Edge[2]                       There is a 2007 Ford Edge SEL (just like the one in the photos) sitting in my garage. My husband wants to adopt it.

My van is 12 years old and has 186,000 miles on it. He thinks it’s going to die, I guess.

I have always thought the Edge was a sharp looking vehicle.

I love the color (Maroon).

He was offered a deal he doesn’t want to pass up.

He MADE me drive it tonight.

He knew if I did, I would love it.              2007FordEdgeWagon04                                  I do love it.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know if we sign adoption papers.

Be blessed,




Amelia said...

Probably time to get another vehicle...and this looks like it would be a great one.

Julie said...

Praying you have a peace about a decision!
ps. Very nice car.

Lori said...


Karly said...

Sure is a beautiful car! I love the style of it and so many great features. I think you deserve a new one about now. :) Yes, do let us know if the adoption goes through lol.

Libby said...

It is a beautiful car!! It is hard to make that leap though, isnt it?? I have a '99 Suburban that I know will have to be replaced soon.

Valerie said...

Oh I love it too. It is gorgeous! While you are deciding about this will you and Louie go out and find my Mom a cabinet for her sewing machine? (LOL) I am not having any luck! I have found one but it doesn't have the knee control and that is one thing that I want her to have. Good luck on the car decision! By the way, it is Thursday!!!! Yay!

Alice Grace said...

I vote for adoption! Ford is the only American carmaker that did not need us to bail them out, so they must be doing a lot right! Anyway, I am very fond of Fords, so I am prejudiced! LOL

Hazel said...

It's a beautiful car ,does the one your looking at have the same roof ?Let us know what you decide .

GailM. said...

There are great deals on cars out there. I love the color of that car. Good Luck with your decision. I have always found buying a car a most stressful decision.


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