Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Winner!

Here is my winner! He’s my winner in lots of ways, but in this instance, he is my winner in the annual Atlantic (Iowa) team pool tournament. He was gone from Friday noon last week (February 19) until 11:30pm Sunday evening (February 21).

His team started playing on Friday evening, and didn’t lose a match until late Saturday afternoon. There were about 36 teams in the tournament, and of all the matches they played, they only had two loses….the one Saturday afternoon, and one loss against the 1st place team, Sunday evening. Since they had already lost one match, they needed to play two games against the 1st place team to win 1st place, but since they lost their first match against the 1st place team, they ended up in 2nd place, but they were very happy!

louie 001                                                       The wooden plaque is the team sponsor plaque, which goes to Obie’s Bar and Grill, here in Maquoketa, and the trophy belongs to Louie.

Louie also won a pool cue while he was at the tournament! He will probably sell it and use the money for something else, but here it is. Click the picture to see it better.

spectrum cue

Louie has been playing pool for over 30 years. He really loves it, and I would bet he will be playing until his body no longer allows him to, and then, he will figure out a way!

Have I ever told you about Louie’s friend Carl, (83 years old) who used to come play pool with Louie every Monday evening for 2 1/2 hours? He came to play for several years. He died, about 5 years ago, doing what he loved.  Playing pool. In our basement.  With his pool cue in his hand. May he rest in peace.

Be blessed,




Amelia said...

Congratulations to Louie for this win.

Julie said...

wooohooo!! Way to GO LOUIE!!! Remind me to never challenge him to a game !! lolol

Karly said...

That is wonderful that Louie and team won 2nd place! Congratulations to them!!! I'm sure that just made his day...:)
Very nice pool cue. It is so nice to have a hobby that they love. My husband used to bowl on 3 leagues a week when I met him. Then he gave it up a few years back, because of his knees. Now he doesn't have any hobbies...I'm always trying to encourage him to find something he likes. He says he has no other interests.

I love that story of his friend Carl. That is the best way to live life....doing what we love!!

Kristie said...

Great job Louie!!!! We are all very proud of you!


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