Friday, February 19, 2010

Office Rearrange….Again!

I’ve been on a cleaning, decluttering, and rearranging binge lately. Today, I wanted to do something different with my office. I know, I know….I have already done this about three different times, and blogged about it three different times, but here we go again.                                           

Here is what it looks after a long day of moving. We are starting at the door, and moving around the room to the left.  Click on the pictures for a better look. I moved the printer off the desk and put it on it’s own stand. In it’s place, I put an OLD typewriter. I like the look much better. office 10 002                                                     I moved, tucked, and taped cords and wires to make it look neater under the desk too. I hate looking at a jumbled mess of wires. How about you?                                                    office 10 001                                                       I put the two file cabinets together. I moved one from the right hand side of my desk to the left of the bookcase, and I moved the other file cabinet from in front of the window on the east wall to next to the other one. I wanted more open space in the office.                                                  office 008                                                       I put the chair in front of the window, but it can easily be moved when I want to sit at the table. I also put my copy machine on the table, so when I need to use it, it will be free to move, without me having to move something first to make travel space. My shredder is again, under the table.                                                     office 009                                                       I pushed the two short file cabinets together, after I took the other stand out of there to use for my printer, which also created more walking, and open space.     office 010                                                       …and for those of you who think my house is spotless….take a look at this! There was a whole dust bunny reunion goin’ on!office 001 office 002                       So NOW, what do you have to say? Still think my house is spotless? I think NOT!

Be blessed!




Amelia said...

Looks better this way...your muscles might be sore after all this.

Enjoy the weekend!

Karly said...

You sure are an ambitious lady! :) It looks great! :) I am with you about the wires, that is one of my pet peeves. Drives me batty, when all the wires are tangled and in view. lol

I am waiting until spring to really dig into the cleaning. I get bursts of energy when the warm weather comes. I am sure I will have some of those "bunnies" hopping around my house also. lol

Have a great weekend!!

Libby said...

You should sleep well after all the labor!! and I still think that your house is spotless...behind the cabinets doesnt count!

It really looks great!

Candace said...

Everything looks wonderful. You certainly have a knack for decorating.

Valerie said...

I am so glad that you showed the dust bunny reunion. I had one at my house today too! I love how you rearrange and declutter. You have inspired me AGAIN! Love ya!

Lori said...

Your blog header picture is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Dust Bunnies?? you have Dust bunnies?? I raise pedigree Dust bunnies here lolol

Great job!!


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