Saturday, April 24, 2010

Checkin’ In


I guess my life has not been very exciting lately. I haven’t been quilting, I haven’t been de-cluttering, I haven’t been doing much of anything I guess, except working, but it seems I have been busy, and always on the go.

I was sick on Thursday, and missed work. I still didn’t feel the best on Friday, but Louie and I managed to get to the courthouse to apply for our passport cards so we could go on vacation this summer, and cross the line into Canada. Our plans are to go to Michigan to see Mackinac Island, and then to see Niagara Falls. Louie wants to go the the Falls on the Canadian side, so we need a passport.

Today, we spent the day with my brother and his wife. It was my brother’s **th birthday. I don’t think he liked the number he just became. I’m only a year and a half behind him, then I’ll be that same number. Numbers don’t bother me….it’s the aches and pains that bother me. We spent the day junkin’, and I brought home several vintage sheets.  One place, I bought two sheets, and 4 pillow cases, and it cost me $2.67 for all of it. I think I came home with 6 sheets, total, and 3 curtains panels that were homemade from quality quilt fabric. Those panels will be torn apart and turned into fat quarters for my stash. SCORE!

We let the birthday boy choose where he wanted to eat, and he chose here.   ihop 

Louie and I came home, and although I said I was going to take a nap, I watched a DVD that we bought at a pawn shop for $4. I loved it! I know…I’m always about 2 years behind in when the movies come out. What can I say?                      mamma-mia-dvd            

Last night Louie and I watched a couple movies too. We watched this movie that we picked up at Goodwill for $3.38. We really enjoyed it.                   firewallposter                                  Then we watched this OLD movie on VHS, which I took out of my movie collection. I had seen this on years ago, but Louie had never seen it, so it was fun to watch again, and Louie enjoyed it     . Six-Days-Seven-Nights

See, not much exciting going on here. Tomorrow I plan on spending some time with my Sissypoo while Louie goes to a meeting. I’ll probably come home with more vintage sheets, and maybe, we’ll even go see a movie or something.

Be blessed,                                        Michelle



Valerie said...

That sounds pretty exciting to me! I love hearing about your deals when you go junkin. Happy birthday to your brother. Thank you for your sweet comment. I am smiling more. I cry easily too. Today going down the road I just started tearing up and could not stop. I guess that is normal though. I am gonna be ok. The Lord is really showing me some things. I am amazed. I have never experienced this before. But I know it is HIM because it is really teaching me some things. I love you for being such a sweet friend. Oh by the way, Daddy got Grannys 401! She would have wanted it that way but he told me that if something happens to him, it is mine. I hope that is a long time away.

Hazel said...

So you are going to visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls I think you will be happy you did .There's so much more on this side .Are you just crossing for the day .Theres lots of museums right there when you cross ,my favorite is Hersey's chocolate LOL .

Amelia said...

Glad to see your post come up...was wondering what all was happening in your world. Taking the trip to Canada will be fun...are you driving or biking?

Enjoy the day!

jillquilts said...

Great movies!! I hope you are enjoying yourself! :)

Karly said...

Hi Michelle!

Gosh, I was wondering what was going on in your world. Then I found out, about the same as mine lol. Life can get very mundane at times. Thank goodness for the nice weather, so we can get out now!

That is so nice that you and Louie travel. Niagara Falls sounds like a nice place to visit. Are you driving by car or your bike.

I am so much like you with movies. I am always trailing behind everyone else in seeing them. lol Hey, they can still be enjoyed!! :)

Have a great week!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love Mama Mia - it's one of my favorites. And I could watch Harrison Ford all day long. :) You'll love going over into Canada - it's beautiful. Good to see you posting. blessings, marlene

Libby said...

Those are great movies! and sounds like you got some really good deals! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I just love these post!! Can I hide in your suitcase??? I WANNA GO!!!! Great movies too!! Love you!!! Have a blessed rest of the week!!


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