Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Somehow, Garmin jumped off our pre-planned route, and instead of going through Peoria as planned, we went through Chicago, but we made it home earlier than expected!

Vacation Sudbury to Home 214Vacation Sudbury to Home 218 Vacation Sudbury to Home 220 

I’ll post pictures tomorrow of our ride home today. Thanks for the prayers you all prayed for us. We put on a total of 2022 miles from Friday morning through tonight (Thursday). 512 of them were just today. (Mansfield, Ohio to home).

Be blessed…Louie and Michelle


Amelia said...

That is a long ways to travel even in a car...but on the back of a that takes lots of will power.

Praise the Lord for a safe trip!

shelly said...

What a whirlwind trip! Can't wait to see more pictures---get some rest tomorrow, I'm sure you need it!

Libby said...

Can't wait for more pictures!! Praise the Lord for a safe and fun trip!!

Candace said...

What a great trip, but it's always nice to get home again. Looking forward to more pictures, have enjoyed the ones you've already posted.

Karly said...

Welcome back!!! :) I'm sure you are "road weary" by now...I know I sure would be. That is a lot of miles that you covered. Get some rest. :)

I also wanted to say, how beautiful the pictures you posted of the falls were. Awesome!! One of God's great wonders. :) It must of been something else to stand there and watch the water falling over..

So, glad you had a safe trip. Hope you had a great time, and made some wonderful memories!!


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