Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming Home….

When I left you the other day, we just had settled into the Holiday Inn in Mansfield Ohio.  

 Vacation Sudbury to Home 139 

The next morning, we got our motorcycles out of bed (under the ‘porch’ of the building). The hotel was so nice to let us park there. There was a convention going on, and parking was limited, so this worked out very well for us.          

Vacation Sudbury to Home 143 

 We got an unexpected blessing while at the hotel. The hotel was housing, and hosting quite a few people for a Christian convention that was going on at the time we stayed. We felt very fortunate to get a room by just ‘dropping in’, not knowing what was going on. As we were leaving the next morning, a man walked up to my brother and his wife who were sitting on their bike waiting for us to join them. He asked about our trip, where we had been, and where we were going. Louie and I then drove up, and he began to talk to us too. He asked us both our last names, then he said there was a prayer meeting planned for that day, and that we would be receiving a blessing. What a gift! We felt very loved, and blessed. We had been praying each morning before we drove down the road for the day for God to protect us, but we didn’t expect a bonus! God is good!

My brother wanted a picture of this blue gorilla. He said ‘You just don’t see those every day! (Mansfield Ohio has one!)   

Vacation Sudbury to Home 150 

 I thought this barn was neat with the Cross designed into the roofing.   

 Vacation Sudbury to Home 165         Vacation Sudbury to Home 169   

 Welcome to Indiana, even though you can’t see the sign very well. 

Vacation Sudbury to Home 172  

I’ll leave off today with these photos and finish our trip tomorrow.  Next stop, Schoop’s!

Be blessed,   




Amelia said...

Love the pictures - what was the most exciting thing you saw...and what was the out of the ordinary thing you ate while on this journey?

jmquilts said...

It is fun seeing your pictures! Glad you had a good & safe trip. :)

jillquilts said...

I'm glad that you got home safely and had a wonderful trip!!!

Janet said...

Thanks for the link to your posts! I thought I was following you, but some how I must have lost the feed.
Looks like a wonderful trip you had too. It was nice that you had another couple to share the adventure! You've got some great photos! Isn't it nice to be home though?


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