Sunday, July 18, 2010


Some of the our best times on our trip have been stopping at the rest areas and admiring the beautiful lakes….                  Vacation 010Vacation 015                   Vacation 023 Vacation 026 Vacation 016                                        … feeding the seagulls our snack mix, and trying to get them to trust us!                   Vacation 035 Vacation 029 Vacation 041                                       …On the ferry to Mackinac Island.                                     Vacation 053 Vacation 055                               There it is!                       Vacation 057                                                     The carriage tours were awesome, and well worth the fare. I’m too out of shape old to walk those hills!Vacation 059 Vacation 069 Vacation 079 Vacation 081                                                    Here is the porch of the Grand Hotel. I have wanted to see this since I first saw the movie ‘Somewhere In Time’. We were told there was another movie made on the island called This Time For Keeps from about 1947. I checked the internet, and it listed about 6 films or projects filmed on the Island….so I found This Time For Keeps on ebay. Can’t wait to see it.                            Vacation 094 Vacation 097 Vacation 098 Vacation 102                                                     It was a wonderful day!

Vacation 051

Post Script: This post was written Sunday morning, about 2am….one of the few times I was up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t post it, because the wi-fi signal was not strong enough. Right now, we are in Sudbury, Ontario, at a very nice Holiday Inn. It is 6:20pm, and we just got settled in. We have no pictures from today. We rode in about 300 miles of rain today, but it was ok. We had rain suits. Louie, Jack, and Polly are going to swim, and I am going to play on my laptop.

Hope you all had a great at Sunday.I’ll post more pictures in a day or two.

Be blessed!



Hazel said...

Sounds like you are having a great time , Prayers are going out for safety in your travels .Have fun.

Karly said...

My goodness what beautiful pictures!! I feel like I'm on the trip with you, and I didn't even need a rain coat. lol.

Have a great time and make lots of memories!!! Your angels are watching over you...:)

jillquilts said...

Looks like you are having a great time! Be safe!


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