Monday, July 19, 2010

Rest Areas Aren’t Like These In Iowa!

I saw a bridge from the highway after I saw a rest area sign along a Canadian highway. I said, ‘Let’s Stop!’  Little did we know what we would see. There was also a museum type gift shop on the same property. We had a lot of fun here.        Monday 006 Monday 007   Monday 022Monday 018                Monday 011Monday 010Monday 014  Monday 015Monday 016Monday 021 Monday 020   Monday 017

Be blessed, Michelle

Tonight we are in Minnet, Ontario at The Rosseau Marriott Resort and Spa.Monday 025Monday 023Marriott 008 

Tomorrow….Niagara Falls!


jmquilts said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Super pictures!! :)

shelly said...

I'd pass on the bridge--have a little issue with those things...But, sign me up for the SPA!

Have a wonderful trip!!!

Libby said...

I am sure enjoying your pics! Your vacation sounds great!! My grandpa was from Michigan, we spent some great times at Mackinac Island!

Amelia said...

Bridges along this line gives me the willies for sure!

Beautiful pictures of the country there.

Oh, that red and white bedroom should make for wonderful dreams.

Enjoy the rest of the trip!


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