Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ready To Quilt

Today I went through my stash, and decided on the fabric for the border. I then went to my stash of flat sheets and chose one for the backing. You can see it behind the quilt on the ironing board.

ready 001 

The border fabric is not of the same line as the turnover pack, but very close to one of the fabrics, as you can see in the bottom picture on the fold of the quilt. My quilting group friends will remember this fabric as the fabric I would NOT share after I received it in the mail. (BAD Michelle, but glad I still had it!)

border 001

I was going to set up the quilter and quilt it today too, but after I cleaned up my mess, and got the basement all back together, I ran out of steam, so I cut my batting and ironed my sheet. I decided the quilting could wait for another day, and when that day comes (SOON), I will be ready. Now I just have to decide on binding fabric. I might just use the same as the border.

ready 002 

Louie and I then decided that a nice COOL motorcycle ride was in order since the sun was shining, so we went out for a couple hours. It was nice to spend time together, and be out in the sunshine. I think I’ll be going to bed early tonight, and I KNOW I will sleep good.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week everyone, and BE BLESSED!



Amelia said...

backing and borders will compliment the quilt.

Enjoy the week.

Valerie said...

I need some of your get up and go and some of your organizing tips. No, I am really doing good but you do inspire me and motivate me. I can't wait to see this finished. It is so beautiful.

StitchinByTheLake said...

That border fabric is perfect Michelle. I think a binding out of the same fabric would make the border stand out. blessings, marlene

Renea said...

Love the border fabric. It looks like it matches perfectly. Glad you got to go for a ride tonight. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

I love what you chose for the border. It is perfect! My next job is to find something for a backing on my current project.

Do you get so excited at this point you can hardly wait to get back to it? I do. :)

I hope you rode east tonight. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's beautiful!


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