Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Bounty and Quilts

My sister Nancy has had to work Thanksgiving for the last few decades, and finally got to enjoy a Thanksgiving day off. I cooked a turkey breast, baked a few premade pies, and some sides.

thx 001 

While the food was cooking, we started working on two quilt tops. I was so proud of her, as she has not sewn much, and worked so hard. She did a good job!

thx 002

I over estimated the time it would take for our projects, and by mid afternoon, turkey, not enough sleep the night before and working in the ‘sweat shop’ directed by a demanding leader (me), she was so tired she couldn’t see straight, so I told her to take a nap. Eight hours later, I had both quilt tops finished. (I wish I had not chosen the yellows, but it’s too late now!)

thx 011thx 012

I never know when enough is enough. My Quilts for Kids quilt tops ended up being just a ‘tad’ bigger than planned and suggested by QFK. I hope they still will take them!

I planned on having them quilted today, but I watched a movie this morning that Nancy rented for me, and it has to be back by this evening. Now I just have to reclaim my motivation and get at it!

Have a great Friday everyone! If I get these finished, I’ll be back!

Be blessed!




shelly said...

What a nice way to spend Thanksgiving! Relax, enjoy--and don't push (that's what non-holidays are for!)

That corgi :) said...

how cute making quilts on Thanksgiving!! Sounds like a fun thing to do together with your sister!! Dinner sounded delicious too!!


Amelia said...

Eating and working - enjoyable anyway!

Have a great weekend!

Val said...

This sounds like the perfect day!!! And I love the yellow!


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