Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Gift Sewing

Today I made four more rice bags, and four more pot holders. I made four more of the Christmas pot holders Friday afternoon.

I have been making the rice bags, using THIS tutorial.  I used slightly different dimensions though. I cut my fabric 12” x 22”, then cut two pieces of fabric, each 2” x 10” for the handle loops. When I add the rice, I measure up 6.5”, add 1 3/4 cups of rice. When I heat them, I stand them on their side, microwave for one minute, then flip it to the other side, and microwave another minute. That seems to be the perfect temperature for me. I have a microwave in my basement, and it has a turn table. I think I like using that microwave the best.

hotpads and rice bags 005

hotpads and rice bags 003hotpads and rice bags 004hotpads and rice bags 001

I wanted to make some pot holders with hot peppers on them for two special people but didn’t have any fabric. I found a simple quilt at Goodwill (WHERE else, do you ask???) (no quilting on it) with the pepper fabric and a muslin backing. I cut it up today to make the rice bags and pot holders. I pulled the orange and green fabric from my stash of fat quarters. I think they came out pretty cute!

I also made the two green floral rice bags for gifts for a couple of special girls at work. These two projects are really turning into a full time weekend job for me, but everyone who has received them love them. I would like to keep making them and have some on hand for quick gifts when I need one in a hurry. I really love the hot pads too. They are pretty simple and quick to make. Seems I find myself in a situation sometimes, where a little gift would be nice, and I have nothing to give.

To date, I have made 24 rice bags, and 14 hot pads, and they all have a place to go. I guess I need to get busy again!

Today, while I sewed, I watched:

simon birch




I have had these in my collection for a few years now, and have watched them many times before, but they are always great movies to watch again.

Have a great week, and remember,

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The Tulip Patch said...

I love the rice bag warmers. I've made one before using an internet tutorial but it was not a useful size/shape and I am forever adjusting it when I use it...I like the way yours look. Have you thought about doing a tutorial?

Amelia said...

Are these rice bags ones that you heat in the micro wave and then place on your feet, knees or where ever you want warmth? I have a couple made with deer corn in them that was given to me by a wonderful dear friend that lives down the road...and I think of her each time I use them.

Be careful while out in the cold and snow tomorrow...

Regina said...

commenting (again - first ccomment got eaten) with a rice bag on an upset tummy... love these things.

Val said...

Oh thank you for the tutorial. I will take a look at that. You really are amazing girl!!!! Love all of them.

Hazel said...

Thanks for the tutorial I think I'll go make one .

Renea said...

Another busy, busy day for you. How do you get so much accomplished? We love our rice bags and have used them so much already. Karter had to have his warmed up when he got to our house this morning. :) I thought that was so cute. Have a great week at work.

Tamera said...

Those rice bags are wonderful. I would love to make one for my mom.

I can't remember...did you put a tutorial on for those?

Pokey said...

Nothing like putting your purchases right to work, Michelle! You're ahead of the sewing gifts, good for you!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been complaining about my shoulder muscles being tight and achy from overworking/sewing long stretches and I forget to get out a heating pad. Thanks for reminding me! blessings, marlene


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