Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Day Junkin’!

Louie and I had a wonderful day junkin’. My day started very early, as I woke up at 3:15 am, and never did go back to bed. I did get a LOT of things done though…laundry, mending, sewing, bill paying, emptying the dishwasher, etc, etc. Louie started his day off by putting two new tires on our van. Then we went junkin’!

We found lots of goodies today, but the first real treasure I found  was this!

junkin 002

I know the picture is crappy, but it’s the best I could do. I just can’t get a good focus on it. It looks like Rubies, but the gems are a little bit pinker. There are 16 of them. The box it came in says Crumrine on the inside. I looked it up, and that company is famous for making cowboy belt buckles. In the beginning of their business, they made custom jewelry, but by the early 80’s, they quit making jewelry. I don’t know if this is one of their pieces, but I liked it. The chain pictured is one I already had. It came with a different chain, but I switched to this one.  I paid $16.95 for it.

I found this Isabel Bloom boy catching snowflakes. He has a chip on the end of his nose, so I paid $2.38 for it. I put some white out on his nose, and you can’t tell it’s chipped at all now, unless you look close.

junkin 017  junkin 018

I found a West Bend Crock Pot base for 50 cents at the Salvation Army ‘As Is’ store. I have one just like it, with an extra pot and lid, so now I have another whole complete crock pot! I have already tested it for about 2 hours, and it works fine.

junkin 014

I found some fabric…..

junkin 009

Hmmm…wonder what I’ll do with this?! Winking smileStay tuned…you might get to see tomorrow!

junkin 007

I found this little book and stationery set for 69 cents….

junkin 010junkin 011

We picked up this flat panel monitor at the Salvation Army for one of the computers where Louie works…  $20..….

junkin 006

…and a BRAND NEW in an opened box, 5 cup Mr. Coffee with stainless steel carafe! $5 Salvation Army.

junkin 012

Last, but not least, between Goodwill and super deals at Blockbuster Video, I got 12 movies on dvd for an average of $4.46 each.

junkin 005

I got:

Charlie St. Cloud

Ramona & Beezus

Sherlock Holmes

Four Christmases

Extraordinary Measures

The Maiden Heist

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Dear John

‘….First Do No Harm’

Catch and Release

In Good Company


We watched Four Christmases tonight, and I remembered how stressed out I got watching it at the movie theatre. Wow….

I can’t wait to see Charlie St. Cloud and Ramona & Beezus, as I have heard good reviews, and I have also heard Dear John is a good movie.

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday too. Be blessed and have a wonderful Sunday!





Amelia said...

You two found some real bargains while out yesterday...that cross is so pretty.

Enjoy today!

shelly said...

I would say you had a successful day junkin!

Hazel said...

Your so good at finding treasures ,the cross is beautiful .You got some great deals ,I love junkin we found a great store in Amish country yesterday just nothing that caught my eye .Well there was a sewing machine but DH gave me the evil eye so I passed it up LOL .

Jules said...

Wow what a great haul! How fun!!

(I have a crock pot like that w/ a base if you need a 3rd anytime. ;) I don't use it much b/c stuff would burn in it. ? )

I just watched Dear John yesterday!! I liked it, can always skip some scenes, and as usual it ended too early.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've never even heard of Four Christmases Michelle - is it good? I love the cross - what a find! blessings, marlene

That corgi :) said...

I liked Did You Hear About the Morgans, it was cute; I think you will like it! Great bargains; it must be fun when you guys spot a good deal like the ones you got! Hope today is a good one!


Renea said...

You and Louie did really great yesterday. The movies sound like newer ones. I have seen Dear John and read the book. You will like the movie.

Pokey said...

Wow, what great finds you have! It feels like Christmas! :-}pokey

Val said...

I need to go to the thrift stores this week. I haven't been in a while. You always do so good. You find the real goodies. Glad you had fun!


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