Sunday, January 9, 2011

Retail Therapy


Yesterday, Louie and I started our day by going to our yearly tax appointment. We got good news! We will get a refund, and our new yard shed will not have to be repossessed (giggle), as we will be getting enough back to pay the bank for our shed loan. Yippee!

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Next, we headed to Cedar Rapids to go junkin’ with my brother and sisterinlove who we have not seen for over two months. We had lunch at Pizza Ranch, then started our adventure.

pizza ranch

It wasn’t a big day, purchase wise, for us, but I found a few things. I found a few pieces of fabric. There are only a few larger pieces and the rest will be cut into a fat quarter or two, and scraps. Those pieces, I did not look at before purchasing, and there are large sections cut out from someone sewing a pattern of some sort, but I love fat quarters, so all is good! The piece of batik on top will yield me two fat quarters, it looks like, the brown with pink polka dots is probably a yard, the next two on the stack are the badly cut up pieces, the next one is actually a panel to make a Christmas book (the story of Joseph and Mary and the birth of baby Jesus). I’m going to look at it and see if it can be made into a quilt. The blue with white polka dots is actually really not cotton, once I got it home and looked at it, so not sure I will be doing anything with it, and the bottom is a nice piece of flannel that will make a nice backing for a Quilts for Kids Quilt.

junkin 002


This afternoon, I spent some time cutting up some of my fabric. Like I said before, there were big chunks cut out of the three pink and brown fabrics. This is what I came up with:

2 blue batik fat quarters

4 brown with pink polka dots fat quarters,

2 pink with pink and brown diamonds fat quarters

1 pink with brown ‘graph lines’ fat quarter

1 piece of brown with pink polka dots fabric approximately 14" x WOF

26 ‘turnovers’ of brown with pink polka dots

24 ‘turnovers’ of pink with brown ‘graph lines’

12 pink with pink and brown diamonds…..

odd and ends 2.5” strips, and a partridge in a pear tree! Needless to say, I am thrilled with the pieces I got out of the chopped up fabric! I cut the turnovers (6” squares cut in half diagonally) so I could make another pinwheel quilt someday.

I also forgot to say that we found the red rotary cutter yesterday too. I thought the blade might be dull, but it was SHARP!

pink 002

I got some more great movies. Two Tom Hanks movies—The Green Mile (We LOVE this movie!) and Road To Perdition, Couple’s Retreat, Surrender Dorothy, 27 Dresses, and The Visitor. I am looking forward to seeing the ‘new to me’ movies.

Update: I just watched ‘The Visitor’. A very touching movie. Thumbs Up!

junkin 003

…And, before we came home, we stopped at Best Buy and I got a new Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. My old keyboard was wired, and I dropped my new (a month or two old) wireless mouse when I was moving my office around and broke it, so I decided to get a new combo. It a Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550.


We ended our day by bring supper home from the China Café and watching the movie ‘The Craigslist Killer’.

Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

Be blessed,




Amelia said...

Sounds like it was a great Saturday.

I got a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse for a Christmas gift. Daughter thought her Mother should have them...and I really do like them...taking a bit of time to get used to the keyboard...shape of my keyboard is standard...not like you. The touch is so light.

shelly said...

Sounds like a good day! I have never seen fabric when I'm out junkin---maybe I'm just not looking in the right place ;)

Renea said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Better keep on the look out for fabric when you are thrifting as I have been reading about how much the cost of fabric is going to go up. I guess the scrappy quilting will continue. Have a great Sunday.

Jules said...

What a fun day! I have had a few wireless keyboards & mice and like the wireless part. My personal geek (JP) doesn't like wireless ones (not sure why even yet...) so whenever there is an issue, he says it is b/c they are wireless. Ha! Remember there is a reset button(s) and you'll need to hit that occasionally. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh, fun!! I'm stuck in the house with a nasty cold. *sigh*

I'd love to get a Bluetooth keyboard, but as long as this one keeps on ticking, I'll keep it. =)

Mildred said...

Sounds like a great day and some good food. Congrats on the new keyboard.

Hazel said...

New found money is always a joy ,enjoy your tax refund .Looks like you have some good movies there ,DH collection got up to 342 thats enough he now gets them from the library .I to did some thrift shopping yesterday picked up a few good buys but I swear I crown you the queen of thrift stores ,you always find such great buys .

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle you found some good stuff! I'm at my sister's in Jefferson City - and probably stuck here till Wednesday. I did get to the quilt shop yesterday but only bought a layer cake there. I found a "warehouse" fabric store that's new on the trip up here and found some great fabric for $2.99 a yrd. Great price! blessings, marlene

Val said...

Busy day but sounds like a great day! And to think you already have that fabric all cut up!!! You are amazing!!!!

Candace said...

My brother is a great shopper, yard sales, second hand stores, pawn stores etc., but I've never caught the bug. I wish I could go with you, similar interests and you always find such good bargains.
My brother has found some great ones too. A set of sterling silver flatware for a song, and a 1000.00 set of stainless for $50.00, all but one piece unused, for a couple of examples. A good hobbie.

Renea said...

Love the new look of your blog. The quote is at the top is wonderful.


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