Sunday, February 6, 2011


We had a busy weekend!  It started off with taking two chairs to Goodwill, then picking up our new La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Reclina-Way Reclining Loveseat. We continued on doing some junkin, then came home. Here is our new loveseat in place. The library table under the mirror belonged to my dad, and the height of it was a little tall. I decided that I couldn’t use it that way and be happy, so I would either have to part with it, or shorten it 5”. I figured the gamble was 50/50, because if I let it go, I wouldn’t have it, and if I cut it down, I would either love it, and use it, or hate it and let it go. I LOVE IT!

makeover 010

So, here we go (AGAIN) on a trip around the room. (You are all such good sports for humoring me, and I appreciate it!)

(Oh, and just so you know, Louie can snore in this seat too. It’s Louie tested and approved!)

makeover 002makeover 003makeover 005makeover 006makeover 001

I have been wanting to do something different with my kitchen dining area for a long time too. I have been wanting to make it back into a dining area, but just didn’t know what to do. I found this little wooden table yesterday afternoon for $12.38, and decided for that price, I wasn’t out much if I didn’t like it. (It could always be converted into a sewing table, or made into a big ironing surface…)

dusk 004

…But I DO like it!!!!

dusk 005makeover 012

This cabinet was filled with Boyd’s plush bears, Boyd’s resin bears, little teapots and nick nacks of all sorts. I was really tired of all of that, so I emptied it out, put everything in a box for GW, cleaned the glass shelves and glass panels, and filled it with most of my Isabel Bloom figurines, and all of my Willow Tree figurines. I like it a LOT better.

dusk 002dusk 003

I was up quite late last night (or was it this morning?)Sleepy smileand this morning when I woke up, I tackled my office ‘closet from H***). It wasn’t a deep clean, but I pulled a couple of big boxes of ‘stuff’ out of it. Louie filled the van for me, and this afternoon, we made another drop off at Goodwill. It took me up until the time we left, to finish digging for donations, get myself showered, dressed and ready to go. (I swear, I work harder on the weekends than I do at work, but don’t tell anyone! My lower back is screaming at me!)

dusk 001

Ahhhhh….removing a few layers sure feels GREAT!!! One of these days, hopefully I will be able to report a finish, but for now, a few more layers were removed. Now I just have to finish up the laundry and pack my lunch for tomorrow…and cook some supper. How late is it?

Hope your weekend was wonderful too! Have a blessed week!





StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle I so want to do that! My husband sees no point in moving furniture but I love it so he doesn't mind when I do it - if he's not here. Right now, with the weather like it is, he's here all the time! I want to scale down and simplify in my living room and the first fishing trip he makes I'll be doing it. :) blessings, marlene

Hazel said...

You've been busy ,you'll have to go to work tomorrow to rest up :-) .Love the new love seat it's a bit darker then mine and goes very well with your decor .I have a few closets that need cleaned out I just can't push myself to get at them .

Val said...

You have just got to come to my house and motivate me!! It looks great!! I love change.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Your house looks great!

Amelia said...

Wow, lady, you need to slow down on the weekends. New look in the house is inviting and comfy appearing.

Have a great week - go to bed early to catch up on your rest.

Renea said...

Thanks for the rocker. We love it. It is in the living room (in the corner between the two windows where I have wanted a chair since we moved into the house). You are so kind and generous.

Jules said...

Doesn't it feel good to change & rearrange and haul to GW? :)

Candace said...

You are such a decorator (in the style that I love) and your house is so beautiful. You and your DH are so talented.


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