Monday, February 7, 2011

Interesting Day….

Today has been an interesting day, to say the least! Louie texted me at work saying that a friend of his had called about another friend of Louie’s who had passed away, and his funeral was today. Louie did not know about his death. Louie worked side by side with this man for 14 years when he worked at Dahl Ford in Davenport, and had become a cherished friend. Louie hadn’t seen him for a few years, but every chance he got, after he left Dahl Ford, he would stop in to see the old gang, and have lunch with Mark. Louie also had worked with Mark’s wife, who was office manager at Dahl’s for several years, so he wanted to be there for her, as well. He did get to go, and was glad he went.

I talked to Louie at noon, while he was driving to Blue Grass, and he said when he got in our Edge, to leave, the battery was dead, so he had to drive his car from Burnett’s to the funeral. (We did think about it, and the last time the Edge was driven was January 6th…..guess we should at least start it once in awhile. We have just been driving the van in this crappy weather.

battery 001

It’s a good thing he didn’t plan on stopping by and picking up the van, because this is what he would have found. Yep, a flat tire. A coworker of mine came and told me that another coworker had told him that he thought I had a flat tire. It was about as flat as it could possibly be.


I texted Louie, and he picked me up after work, and we came home, got an air tank, filled the tire up,then I drove out to Burnett’s. The tire had a screw right in the face of the tire. It took about 5 minutes to fix, including putting the van up on the hoist.


THEN, he stopped on the way back home to pick up a few groceries, got up to the checkout, and realized he had forgotten his wallet at home, so he had to come home and get it….and he is STILL smiling. What a guy, what a guy!

Louie isRed heart

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Hope your day was wonderful and full of blessings!






Amelia said...

Certainly some sad happenings around your house today...wonderful that precious man of yours can still smile in spite of all.

Hazel said...

What a sweetie to still smile after a day like that .I think I would have crawled in bed and covered my head

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You are very blessed to have Louie, but I know you already know that. =)

shelly said...

Oh No! What a day!!!

shelly said...

Sorry about the brunt comment--my roast chicken set the smoke detectors off! Your post is catching ;)

Regina said...

Oh my!!! So glad he got to be there for the service- and so glad the flat did not cause an accident, and the dead battery came when you were in a position to handle it. Hope things get more "normal" soon!

Lori said...

I think he's a keeper but then you already knew that didn't you? :)

Tamera said...

Goodness! Don't we just love those men that can keep their heads when everyone around is losing theirs?

Val said...

Hey, your day sounded like my day last week. We also had a battery dead in our truck and then a bolt in the tire in my car. I needed 2 new tires so we had them ordered them and got them put on. The bolt could have been in one of the tires we were gonna replace. I feel your pain.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations on choosing a wonderful man! blessings, marlene


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