Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mama’s Got A ‘Brand Used’ Ride!

Do do do do do do DO!!! OWWWWWW!!!

Ok, maybe it’s not new, but it’s ‘New to me’!

red 003

It’s HOT and HUMID in Eastern Iowa! When I stepped outside (yesterday) to take a couple pictures of my ‘brand used’ van, these are the first two pictures I got.

red 001

Louie called this one a ‘soft focus’ photo! LOL!

red 002

My lens fogged over from the ‘ice cold’ house combined with  the 93+* temps outside with MEGA humidity! After I wiped the lens off with my shirt, and my camera adjusted to the temperature, it worked much better.

red 005

Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE to cook, and I HATE to buy groceries. My sweetie does most all of the grocery shopping, but once every 3 or 4 months, we go to Save-A-Lot and stock up the pantry and freezer. savealotThis is just the canned goods we got. We had already put all of our freezer stuff away. We pretty much filled two carts. $211.11. I still need to put them away in my converted front closet pantry this morning. I know I will hear my shelves GROAN. I just hope I don’t hear falling cans! I love Save-A-Lot!

red 014

After we unloaded the ‘goods’, we went back out and took ‘Red’ through the car wash, then brought her home and put her to bed.

red 010

Did I mention I LOVE the color of her? Oh, that’s right, you already know that’s my favorite color. Never mind!

rosanna rosannadanna

Have a wonderful and SAFE July 4th weekend everyone!




Jules said...

Whoa!! How nice!! (except that it is red.)

Is your SaveALot far away that you go so seldom? Glad you can stock up! I have sent Phil a few times for groceries but that means I have to have all my plans together before leaving the house. ha!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

VERY nice! You can fit lots and lots of treasures in that new baby!

Amelia said...

Great looking "new" automobile for you.

We have a Sav-A-Lot here. Our water is bad tasting so we buy all our bottled water there...cheapest place in it tastes good too!

Have a safe 4th...we are expecting about 25 for hamburger cook-out and fireworks.

Grammy Staffy said...

Congrats on your new "Red". I am sure that she is happy to be in your family.

Congrats also on getting your "pantry" stocked with food storage. We are trying to do the same.
My hubby and I have converted a bedroom closet into a "pantry."

Have a great 4th week end Michelle. Hugs, Lura

KyQuiltlady said...

Very nice! You should be able to get a lot of sewing machines in that.

Amy said...

very nice van!! I love Sav a lot.. or Aldi's for stocking up on will be able to put plenty of thrifty things in the van!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Red is also my favorite color. More and more we have in common. Enjoy your new ride.

Hazel said...

Nice ride ,so your a two car family now one for momma and the other for poppa .LOL I tried a save-a-lot in Niagara Falls USA didn't like it of course every store is different ,I like Aldi's .Where ever you get the best bargain is the place to go .

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations on the new RED car's so fun to get a new one. blessings, marlene

gail said...

yay a new ride! :) Looks like it came in handy to haul all that loot home from save a lot!
Hope YOU are having a great 4th!

Val said...

Love it!!! And I love the color too! At the Hilton it got up to 103 and it was hot! Thank goodness for little window air conditioners. I hate grocery shopping too. I have got to go this morning and I do not want to go!!!

Candace said...

It's a beauty and has lots of room for thrifting, lol. My glasses do that routinely here in Florida. I remember when my son first got glasses, he was about 7 or 8, and got in the car when we left the mall and said, "wow, it's so foggy in here" poor little guy didn't know that his glasses had fogged up until his little sister and I looked at him.


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