Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blue Modern 30 Super DE LUXE **65165**

Blue Modern 008

This one threw me for a loop, and was the ‘difficult’ one. Totally unexpected, because this one is a beauty. It had some ‘issues’, and after I few hours, I was victorious again! Woo hoo!

Not sure why, but the light cord has been replaced with a brown one. I think soon it will have a white cord, (and much shorter) to closer match the light blue cord for the motor. That cord was very long as well. The ‘box’ that the light and motor plug into is not attached to the case, as it should be, so that will have to be replaced as well. As you can see, the case needs some gluing as well.

Blue Modern 011Blue Modern 012

Some things that this sewing machine tells me, is that it hasn’t been used in a very long time, (probably decades!) and that the woman who used it was very ‘thrifty’ as well. If you click the picture larger, you will see the bobbins are wound by machine, and by hand. See all the spools with just a little thread on them? Women used to use every inch of thread. They would wind bobbins with their short lengths left on the spools. The problem with that, is that the threads would get tangled, and you would have to stop and bring the bobbin thread up again, and because the bobbin was not wound tight, the stitches wouldn’t be very nice either.

Blue Modern 013

This machine had a new belt on it, and it was TIGHT. TIGHT. TIGHT. I loosened it, and it slipped. It was not the correct belt for the machine. I put on a stretchy, generic belt from Joann Fabrics. I ran the motor without the belt to make sure it was ok. It was, but when I went to run the machine, it SCREAMED at me, and moved very slow, while the belt was slipping and the motor was spinning. Do you know what that means? It means that somewhere, a moving point needs some oil. It was bound up somewhere. I oiled every point I could find, and kept turning the wheel by hand looking for more moving points. I took the hand wheel off, oiled, and put it back on. I took the bobbin apart, oiled, and put that back on. I oiled everything I could find to oil, but I could still feel it dragging.

Blue Modern 008

FINALLY, I removed the round blue piece above the SUPER name plate, and pointed a flashlight inside, looking for more moving points. FINALLY, I found a moving joint somewhere between the spool of thread, and the ‘r’ in the word Modern (which had NO oil port on the tope of the machine body) and I oiled it. INSTANTLY, the machine turned so much better by hand, and when I ‘hit the gas’, it SPRINTED. I couldn’t keep up! Now, I have to have Louie take apart the foot control and clean the contacts up, because you have to push the foot control about 1/2 to 3/4 down before it will take off, but when it does, WHOA Nellie!

Sew, ‘Blue’ is not completely done yet, but my part is done. The ‘box’ that the light and machine plugs into needs to go back inside the case, the cords need to be shortened, and the foot control needs to be cleaned. The case needs some glue to get the cloth tacked back down, then it will be done.

I am very happy with this machine. It almost looks like a twin to my pink Modern Home.

Blue Modern 002Blue Modern 005Blue Modern 008

…and ‘blue’ sews a lovely stitch. I am AMAZED at these old machines. I rarely have to fight with the tension.

Blue Modern 007

Two down. One to go…but I don’t think it will be today. I hear a motorcycle and a husband calling me. Guess I better get properly dressed and ‘git’!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful!




Suzan said...

What a pretty machine!

Lori said...

This one I really like! It's blue instead of pink! LOL

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You are amazing, woman!! Have fun on your ride! We were in your neck of the woods yesterday. I waved as we drove through. =)

Hazel said...

Love your blue machine ,how pretty is that .Your going to have to get Louie to build you a room with shelves all the way around to display your great collection .Some people have an art galley you should have a machine galley ,I'd even pay admission :-)

Jeanna said...

Michelle, what a fun looking machine! Where did you find this one? Do you keep them or sell all of these reconditioned machines? Old machines must love to see you coming!!

Amelia said...

Love that blue color.

Renea said...

Can't decide which machine I like better. You have a calling to fix these sewing machines!

quiltfool said...

I saw your pink Precision and love it, but then I saw this blue one. This is the one I've been looking at on ebay and just haven't had the nerve (or the space) to buy yet. Enjoy it for both of us. It's going to be a long time before I get another machine. Lane

StitchinByTheLake said...

I swear Michelle, I think I like the blue better than the pink! blessings, marlene

Jules said...

I love this one! The blue is beautiful!

Packrat said...

Another fantastic find! Remember the SewMaster I bought? It is this same color. I haven't had a chance to take a picture or play with it.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Tough decision, sew with the pink one or the blue one. Hmmm...What color are you wearing today? Purple, I'm sure you have a purple machine in your basement ; )

Val said...

Wow. You are awesome! That machine looks wonderful too! I still haven't cleaned up that machine that I need to clean up so I am going back this weekend to look at your instructions. (well I hope to do that this weekend.) I meant to ask you also do you have a post that tells how to oil one. I have no clue.

2Di4 said...

I just bought a similar sewing machine on e-bay and I was disappointed to find out the wiring going to the light and the motor are all cracked and breaking. Do you know where I would find information on rewiring it. I did rewire a featherweigh motor once, but this wiring seems like it will be impossible to find something similar. The wiring goes directly into the light and the light looks like it is unopenable the other end of the wires have plug ends which plug into the box inside the case. Is the light openable do you know? I imagine the motor will open, but the other end of the wires have plugs which don't look openable either. To get the wires through the hole in the case would be impossible onless the light fixture opens, but it is plastic and I don't see where it would open. Please let me know if you have any advise. Diane


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