Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kenmore ‘Kennie’ 1030 Sewing Machine

A Kenmore 1030 sewing machine found me tonight! Here is the little darling all cleaned up and ready for showing. This model has straight stitch, zig zag, multi-point zig zag (or special mending stitch, as the book calls it), blind stitch and 3 step button hole stitches. It also has the option to drop the feed dogs.


Here it is showing off it’s ‘pop up’ extension bed to the left, and extension bed/ accessory box on the front.




The pressure foot was missing, but thanks to my ‘box of extras’, it now has one. It sews so sweet, smooth, easy and pretty quietly. I’m in love!



To show you just how little this machine is, I compared it with my modern Kenmore that I have been sewing on. The last picture really shows the difference. Sew darn cute!!!

001 (2)

002 (2)

003 (2)

Remember when I found a Kenmore 1050 sewing machine in September? (Gee, it seems longer ago than that). I believe that the 1020 model (which I do not have) was the first of the 3/4 size sewing machine models that Kenmore (Janome) made around the time that the Singer Featherweight became so popular. I also believe that as each model number progressed by 10, more stitches were added. All in all, Kenmore made these model numbers of the 3/4 size machines: 1020, 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050, and 1060. (I sure do hope the models I’m missing find me someday!)

Have a great weekend, and be blessed!


Santa Star


Elizabeth said...

I have a Kenmore 1040. I found it in Chicago when I was visiting my sister last March. I love how it stitches. It is adorable. Just the machine to take along on a vacation if you want to zig zag and leave the FW at home..

Happy Christmas and New Year.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

That is one cool machine. We have one of these too, but it is missing something on the bed...I think it was the cover of the little accessory box, so it's hard to sew on properly. It's been on the shelf for awhile awaiting a part...tried all over the internet to get that part and haven't found it. Might have to get creative and make one. It's definitely a really cute machine!

Kris Greening said...

I just bought a Kenmore 1030 at a yard sale today for $5! the owner claims she had used it many years but stopped because of a "tension problem". I'm going to get it cleaned and checked professionally before I try using it. It's adorable!


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