Friday, January 13, 2012

My Typewriter is Here!

radio typewriter 007

I love it! I’m not sure my pinky fingers are strong enough to do the job anymore, but we’ll practice! It’s a good thing I ordered a new ribbon! That should make things easier.

radio typewriter 006

This typewriter did not come with the exclamation mark! Do you know how to make an exclamation mark with a typewriter that does not have that key? First you type a period, then you back space and type an apostrophe! Too cool! (The shadow on my second photo is my hands, arms and camera….weird).

Be blessed!




Hazel said...

It is cool , I forget is the typewriter key board the same as a computer key board ??

Amelia said...

Striking the keys on an old typewriter takes far more muscles in your fingers than the computer keyboard...but what fun you will be having.

Jules said...

How fun! I think my mom's typewriter was like this. Ugh on the whole exclamation mark issue. LOL!

Jeanna said...

How cool is that!

lila said...

I'm just home from a trip during which I found a Corsair Deluxe (without the top of the case) at a flea market. Brown/taupe not aqua.
[I had seen an aqua one at another flea market months earlier and had been a GOOD GIRL and not spent the $25.00 on it...:-( So of course it was gone when I checked later!]
So, I now have the typewriter which needs a new ribbon but it will be used for art journal pages and sending vintage notes to friends.
I never could type well but this will be fun! (I found your blog in Google Images. I also have several vintage sewing machines including an aqua Singer from Glasgow Scotland.I quilt, formerly owned a quilt shop....) Off to hunt down ribbons now....


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