Monday, January 2, 2012

Serging 101

I called Ryan, and he was busy. Sad smile I guess I’m on my own.

It started out well enough! I grabbled a piece of old flag out of the garbage. (OK…PLEASE do not lecture me on destruction of a flag. I repair our flag from work. Sometimes I have to chop off 6” at the end, then put a new hem in it so it can fly proudly again.) Do you think a serged edge would hold up in the wind like a hem? Now that I have a serger……Thinking smile

That was going pretty well.

serging 004

Then I serged two pieces together.

serging 009

serging 010

I even used the cutter. I also played with the cutter disengaged.

 serging 005

I was zipping along gaining confidence, and THEN IT HAPPENED!!!!! (I knew I should have tied on and put my cones on the machine first, but NO………!) I ran out of LOWER LOOPER thread.

 serging 002

I was FORCED to learn how to thread the machine manually! It took a couple tries, and when they say thread in a certain order, they mean it! First, lower looper, then upper looper, then right needle, then left needle. You definitely need those long tweezers. My big hands were having trouble in the pressure foot area. You also have to know where to lay the threads after you have each looper and needle threaded!

serging 007

I think I’m back on track, but might need to make a few adjustments. I serged around a folded up paper towel.

serging 002

Somehow, my ‘all red’ thread stitches don’t look exactly like the ones from before I changed thread.

serging 004

Ok…one baby step taken…..

Thanks for all the encouragement. I’ll get it, eventually!

UPDATE: Ok, Much better! I went down, broke more thread, studied it some more, rethreaded, and it looks much better. Trial and error.  Confused smile

better 001

Be blessed,




Amelia said...

Oh you are so right in having to thread in the proper procedure...strange but that is the nature of the serger beast. At least now, you have experience with your new play toy.

Renea said...

So proud of you. I think that is why I don't use my serger because I can't thread it right and then it never looks nice when sewing. Keep on trying and you will the serger whisperer!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle I've loved these two posts - so funny. I don't have a serger because the very thought of threading them gives me hives. And just think, this year for three weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas I'm going to be in charge of the sewing room at the mission in Louisiana where all they use are sergers! I'm wondering if, with the thought in mind of my assignment in the sewing room, I should just bite the bullet and buy a serger. I can't believe I said that! Borrow one maybe. Just to practice threading. Or maybe I'll just get sick and not go. They'll understand sick, right? I doubt God does though. :) blessings, marlene

Val said...

I have always wondered about a serger. Looks like you are doing great to me. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

That corgi :) said...

See, you are doing great! It is a learning process. You will get it, just be persistent in working on it!


Jeanna said...

Yeah! Good for you! I love my serger, I have had it for years, and it is still going strong - I have always wondered how people can get along without one! Yes, there were times when threading or tension gave me fits, but I got through it. My tip: write down your favorite tension settings!

quiltfool said...

When I got my serger, first thing I did was pull the threads out and clean/oil it. I had no idea it would take me three hours to thread it back up. You're doing good. Just keep serging. And, if you serge the edges of fabric, you can always cut it off and serge it again. Be careful about your tension, tho. I serged for a couple of days once without realizing my left thread had come out of the tension discs. Very frustrating. Lane

Elizabeth said...

You are doing GREAT. Don't be afraid to play with the tension to get the stitches looking right. Mom showed me how to thread hers before it became mine and she sat right next to me just like she did 50 years ago when she taught me how to use the 401. I think having her right there to SHOW me helped me overcome the threading fear. Oh and I have NOT used two needles in mine. Just the one. It made it less complicated for me.

I think you will love it once you get up and over the proverbial learning curve. Don't give up.

Candace said...

Sergers can be a challenge. I need to get mine out and fix some frayed towels. Looks like you mastered yours pretty well.

Judy D in WA said...

I'm so proud! I think you will become comfortable with it in to time. You will be a serger master!!!
Remember to breath and have fun, after all, it is just a machine. Well not JUST a machine, but a machine none the less. LOL


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