Friday, January 6, 2012

Magnus Chord Organ

I think I’m trying to relive some of the happier times of my childhood.

A few weeks ago, Louie and I went junkin. (Yea, big surprise, huh?) I squeeeeeled when I saw this! It’s a Magnus Chord Organ. Ours looked exactly like this one (except this one is missing the piece that the book rests on. I made one out of a piece of thin cardboard from a new Lang calendar, folded in half.

chord organ 001

We had one of these organs in the late 60’s or early 70’s. I have no idea where or when we got it, but I remember playing around with it (mostly when my mom and step*** were gone). I remember, in particular, the song, ‘Beautiful Dreamer’. No, I did not get good at it, but it was fun. My brother, on the other hand, liked to terrorize us younger girls with it when we were all alone. At night. He would turn out the lights, then turn on the fan of the organ, and basically just lay his arm right across the keys to make the scariest sounds he could. (Did I mention this is my dear sweet brother who is one of my very best friends today?) Then he would just press down on a bunch of keys all at once, while holding in the letter buttons on the left hand side. (See how much I know about music? I’m sure there are specific names for those buttons. Hey! At least I know the other parts are called keys!)

The organ came with no books, so I just had to find one. The one I found was on eBay, and was the one and only book we ever possessed.

chord organ 002

The other night, I found a few more, and they are on the way. (eBay won’t let me ‘borrow’ images, so you will just have to take my word for it).

Last night I played before Louie got home from work. They say you should try something new to keep your brain healthy. Keep away Alzheimers and dementia. I should be all set! (The neighbors would be very happy to know that they won’t hear me!)

Serger and Chord organ. I should be brain healthy for a few minutes anyway….

Next on my ‘want list’ from the 70’s….A Smith Corona Corsair portable typewriter.


I’m hoping to thrift one someday. I know I gave mine away, and now, I WANT IT BACK! I got it for Christmas the year I took typing in Jr. High, which was about 1970 or 1971. I just want to HAVE it, and LOOK at it, whenever I want.

I want one of these too. I got it for my 10th birthday, and I found it before my birthday, under my mom’s dresser. I could NOT wait for my birthday. It’s a toy bee, that houses several different colored pen refils in his ‘nose’ and it wiggles like heck when you try to write, making your writing all messed up. LOVED IT!


I also got an outfit. Blue slacks and blue and brown horizontally striped long sleeved button down the front polyester shirt. She made my dad buy me a new pair of shoes. She hid my outfit in the dryer.

All of my toys, like my Barbie and all her clothes had to be handed down to my four stepsisters, and well, I have none of my toys. A couple of years ago, I got a Spirograph on eBay. I LOVED my spirograph.

Are you like me with your ‘stuff’?

Be blessed, and have a wonderful weekend!



kath001 said...

I loved my Sprograph too! And I can't think of what it was called, but I had a 'toy' that had metal plates/forms that you squeezed liquid plastic stuff into. When turned on it got very hot and 'cooked' the plastic stuff into rubbery insects, flowers, etc. Amazing the dangerous stuff we were allowed to play with! LOL

That corgi :) said...

How cool with the organ and you are right, I think learning or relearning things like this is good for our brains in so many different ways! Enjoy it! I had a typewriter similar to the one you had (got rid of it years ago). If I find at typewriter like that here in hubby's parents' house (who knows, we haven't gone through everything yet), I'll let you know!

Enjoy the weekend!


Amelia said...

That find sounds like a fun item to enjoy...learn something new.

Val said...

You just have way too much fun!!! Wished we lived closer.

Packrat said...

Wonderful finds! I,too, buy things from my childhood. It is so much fun.


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