Friday, January 20, 2012

Smith Corona Super Sterling Typewriter

Last Sunday, Louie and I went junkin’. We went to Clinton, but we stopped in Elvira on the way, at an ongoing garage sale first. These people have a new machine shed, with heaters, and they sell items they buy from auctions (I believe). They are very nice, and they have some really nice items priced cheap reasonably. I found a cast iron dutch oven with a glass lid for a coworker who has me looking for cast iron, and that was priced so reasonably, that I made a quick decision on a vintage typewriter that was sitting there waiting for me. (Well, what would YOU have done!?) Rolling on the floor laughing 

I borrowed this picture off the internet, as I didn’t take a picture of mine in the case, but it looks exactly like this.


I liked the color, and I liked that it was pretty easy to press the keys to make it type. Then I saw that this baby has settings for how hard you have to hit the keys! L for light, M for medium, and H for heavy!  I was going to remove the key and ribbon cover to look inside, and I found out that the cover just ‘slides’ forward. I thought that was SO cool!

snow 005

I decided to set it on my dad’s old library table/desk (whichever it is) in my living room. I think it looks pretty cute there. In case anyone has noticed that this desk looks ‘short’…well, you are correct. I moved it from the kitchen months ago, but it seemed too tall to ‘play well’ in the living room, so Louie and I cut a few inches off the legs to make it ‘arm heighth’ with the couch and loveseat, so things ‘flowed’ better, if you know what I mean. I LOVE it shorter! The other alternative was to get rid of it, but I just did not want to. It’s a piece of my history and it reminds me of my dad each time I look at it. Red heart

Right after I finished buying this typewriter, Louie and I had this discussion about how I would not buy any more typewriters unless it was PINK. That discussion was just a rush of hot air, because that day, we continued on to the Illinois side of the QC’s and I found a ‘newer’ (80’s) Smith Corona electric typewriter that was newer than the one I mentioned in my last blog post. That one did not have the same key setup as a computer keyboard, so it wasn’t really as user friendly, and being an electric, it was a little more difficult to press the keys than I thought it would be. Yesterday, we donated it to our local Goodwill. The Deville’s keys are more like a computer keyboard, and MUCH easier to push. It has some really neat features and it has a correction ribbon and the daisy wheel can be changed to a script wheel. I’ll post about my Smith Corona Deville 450 in another post. Be right back

It’s snowing here in Iowa. The flakes are fine, but they are falling quick and steady, and starting to pile up. Our forecast is for 4-6”, with the snow stopping by 9:00 tonight. We’ll see.

snow 007

In the meantime, I should be doing something productive, but I have this computer addition that keeps pulling me back into my office! I do have a couple loads of laundry done though!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, whatever you do!


snow 004

Update: Ok, another load of laundry is done, the vacuum cleaner is out to vacuum after lunch, and I have scrubbed the shower and bathroom sink. I plan on shampooing the living room and bathroom carpets too. Wish me luck (or wish me motivation)!!!!

Oh, and the snow is piling up!

snow noon 003


Val said...

You are really motivating me to get to the thrift stores. I haven't done it in a very long time. Your snow is beautiful. I wish I was snowed in a log cabin with a fireplace and t.v. and coke!!! I don't wish for much.

Debbie said...

I had a typewriter like that when I was in highschool. Can't remember what I did with it! Yall are getting all the snow, and that's ok with us! :D

Jules said...

Ok, I cleaned the bathroom, did baking, 2 loads of laundry, too. I'm making Phil run the vacuum. But you win on the shampooing the carpets! :p

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've been lazy all day. I've been playing catch-up with my blog reading. I'm finally back to checking out current posts, yipee! I was over 3 weeks behind for most of Dec & Jan. Is collecting typewriters just a new thing, or, are they sitting/piling up with the sewing machines in the basement?

kath001 said...

I grew up using a Smith Corona almost exactly like that. The difference may be imagined, as I am thinking that the carriage return was on the right instead of left. The color and case were just the same, and the cover slid forward for ribbon change etc. Great to see yours and remember. :)


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