Friday, February 24, 2012


Some of you know that I’ve been collecting Barbie clothes, etc for about the last month. I decided that I wanted to replace the vintage Barbie that I was unable to keep for myself a long, long time ago.

When I was seven, I got a Barbie that looked just like this Barbie (Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie) from my dad for my birthday. (Image ‘borrowed’ via google search).


As I remember, it was the only Barbie I ever had. It was special to me, because my dad was special to me, and he didn’t live with us. I loved Barbie. (I also got a slinky…hmm…might have to look for one of those too!)  When I was six, I got my first little sister. The next year, I got another little sister (Sissypoo). Almost two years later, I got another little sister, and then three years later, I got another one! Well, with four little girls behind me, I had to pass along my Barbie and all the home made clothes my mom made for her. This Barbie has always had fond memories for me, and since I enjoyed her so much, I wanted to have one just like her. (I was just informed last week, by ‘Sissypoo’ that she chewed my Barbie’s fingers off! Surprised smile) I punched her….TWICE! Her comeback was, ‘Well, ‘E’ chewed off her toes!’ OMG. My Barbie was TORTURED!!!! Crying face

Anyway….I found a vintage Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie on ebay a few weeks ago, and here she is. (She was NAKED when I got her, so I put some clothes on her!) I’m happy to report that her fingers and toes are all intact! Whew! I’m keeping her away from Sissypoo! Winking smile

Barbie stuff 003

I won a few auctions here and there, and I have accumulated some lots of clothing for her. I also got a bag of accessories, but the poor girl doesn’t have any shoes! I bought her a few pairs, and they are on the way.

Barbie stuff 010

One of the auctions I won included some friends. I dug the red rolling suitcase out from one of my closets, and this will be my Barbie case, until/or if/ I find something better.

Barbie stuff 009

Barbie stuff 011

Last weekend, I started looking for Barbie’s car. One year for Christmas, I got a car for Barbie. I remember that Christmas. I was about eight. My mom wrapped the gifts, but she didn’t put names on any of them. While mom was gone, at least one of my brothers, maybe both of them, would touch, pick up, shake, and maybe even on one occasion, untape, and retape a package or two to see what was in them. The package that my Barbie car came in, was like this.  It had a transparent thin plastic protective ‘window’. (Photo borrowed from

car package

My brother lightly tapped the protective window, and was just ‘sure’ he was getting a big toolbox. I can’t remember if he got one or not, but it wasn’t this package. Of course, my Austin-Healey got passed down too, so I wanted to replace it. I won that auction last weekend. Rolling on the floor laughing I got the car yesterday. There is a crack in the windshield, but otherwise, it is in good condition. The body is made of a plastic that is soft, so there are no cracks or breaks.

Barbie stuff 007

Barbie stuff 005

Here is all the Barbie stuff I have so far. I’m now looking for, and buying Barbies that are dressed at the thrift stores, just for the clothes. Pretty soon I’ll have a bunch of naked Barbies that I wont’ know what to do with. Some of them I’ll keep, but now my heart is happy, because I have my vintage Barbie. Smile I think I have a green case under my basement steps just like the red one, and that case may be where I will store Barbie’s car.

Barbie stuff 012

G’Bye! I’m off to look for a slinky! Winking smile


Barbie stuff 008


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My daddy thru out most of my Barbies. A whole big box of vintage Barbies and clothes. Eek! I still have a few and I have the vintage Barbie storage boxes in the basement. If you feed Sissypoo more often, then she won't have to chew the fingers off your Barbie. Take her back to Red Robin! Burgers taste MUCH better than plastic ; )

shelly said...

:) what sweet memories---glad that you were able to reconnect with something so dear to you!!!!!

kath001 said...

I was the tag-along baby of the family. My sisters were pre-Barbie era, I think I got the original Barbie (with ponytail). Since my mother was an older mom, her friends were older too, and she had a few that made me the MOST amazing Barbie clothes...a blue lace ball gown comes to mind. I had the car too, but in blue. :) I didn't have any little sisters, but my older sisters gave me lots of nieces, and I have lost track of all but a few clothes. I think I will frame them and a hang them in my craft room.

Deb said...

I still have my Barbie - an original from 1959 and all the clothes that I had for her. Luckily I had a younger sister that thought Barbie's were lame, so they weren't touched. Since then the collection has grown - my mom used to work for Mattel toys, so I've a few hanging around! o) My father did through out my Barbie car and Dream House - I was really upset aboutthat.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Michelle...that was so fun to read...I suspect that I am older than you , but I had a Barbie love also!! In my daddy's attic is my Barbie car but under our guest bed is my Barbie, Ken and Skipper and her house and all of the lovely handmade clothes that my mama made... thanks for sharing your memories!! It makes me want to get all of my things out and "play Barbie" one more time ...

JustPam said...

I let my daughter and her friend play with my barbies and the friend tore off all their heads and limbs. They were ruined. I was heart broken. I had a few of my dolls before I moved a few years ago. We sent a lot of stuff to be auctioned. Unfortunately some of my dolls disappeared. I hope someone else in enjoying them. I am afraid the helpers helped themselves to some of my stuff.

Renea said...

Do you want to play Barbies sometime. I have the same exact Barbie but mine is blond and the head has a small crack (I think I played with her to much) so the head bobbles but I still love her. I had a blue car but I think it is gone now. I still have the Dream House but I don't have the Fashion House anymore. All my Barbie clothes are homemade and I love them. When we moved I washed all the clothes and set out all the Barbies on the floor around me (yes, I had more than one) and dressed them in their original clothes. I love my Barbies. Is that bad to confess? I also have all of my daughters Barbies as she didn't play with them. Some are still in the original boxes!! Thanks for sharing the memories. I loved them!

Debbie said...

Want to hear something funny? You and I got the same model Barbie at the same age except mind came from one of my older sisters for my birthday. I loved that Bubble Barbie on the black stand. I wish I had her now but my mom donated all my dolls to some younger neices who did NOT know what they were getting! Yes, I'm still mad! :D My daughters bought me a similar reproduction Barbie a few years back dressed in a retro dress like early 60's, but she doesn't have a black stand or a red suit! It just isn't the same!But the thought was sweet and I keep her in a glass cabinet just to remind me of my first real doll love. :D Just think! We could have played Barbie's together!
:D Debbie

Jeanna said...

Oh Michelle! You make me smile out loud!! I'm so glad you are finding what you are looking for, ebay is wonderful in that way. Good luck with the slinky!!


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