Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Louie and I ran away this weekend to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. We had never been there before. We stayed at this hotel.



Why did we choose Fond Du Lac? Well……about a month ago, I might have bought another Singer Spartan off eBay. I also thought it would be nice to have some time with my sweetie, since he has been so busy with ‘end of season’ pool events, and pool tournaments, and ISPA meetings, and upcoming State Pool Tournaments (2nd week/weekend in April), and well, I wanted him all to myself, so I asked the seller if we could pick it up instead of her shipping it to me. (This photo of same model machine, by the way, is not the same machine I bought. I borrowed it from Google images, since the machine is still in the back of the car. Thank you whoever’s photo this is!)

download (1)

So…we left Friday morning and headed North. Fond Du Lac is about one and a half hours Northeast of Madison, Wisconsin (about 3.5 hours from home), but we spent a good portion of the day in Madison going to three Goodwills, the Salvation Army, and a big pawn shop. Gwlogo

We went to a Woodcraft shop that specializes in exotic woods. Louie went in and shopped while I read my Nook.


We had lunch at Red Robin (yummm!!) then we headed for Fond Du Lac. We checked into our hotel, then we went exploring. We had supper at a place called Rolling Meadows Restaurant, then we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Saturday morning, we went to pick up the Spartan, then we went thrift shopping. We were equipped with our list of addresses, and both of our phones got a workout using the Navigation app. The Navigation drains the batteries quickly, but we got where we needed to go without too many hitches. We went to Goodwills, Salvation Armys, St. Vincents, and a few privately owned shops. We even stopped at a garage sale or two and an estate sale. We really didn’t buy much. Louie was looking for athletic shoes, and he found a few pair, and so did I! (Oh, and we had lunch at Applebee’s, using a gift certificate. That was excellent too!) We even drove to OshKosh, Wisconsin, which was about 1/2 an hour away. We had never been there either. They had a few thrift stores as well, but not enough to keep us busy all day.

After we exhausted our list of thrift shops, we decided to go see a movie. We went to see Mirror, Mirror. We liked it! Of course, I love Julia Roberts, so it would be hard not to like. The gal who played Snow White was awesome too. mirror-mirror-posters

Nathan Lane was a hoot, (or a cockroach) as well.


After the movie, we went to Best Buy and bought a new Nook Color for me. I know, I did NOT NEED one, but oh, how I love it. It’s almost like an IPAD to me. It does everything Louie’s IPAD does. Nook_Color


We cruised around Fond Du Lac some more, before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

This morning, after we checked out of our hotel, we went to Lakeside Park and walked around the outside of the park and walked though parts of the interior. Louie took lots of pictures, which are still in his camera. It was a nice walk and also, a nice park! (This is the entrance.)


After the park, we headed south out of town, and stopped at Perkins in Madison for lunch, then headed home. We stopped in Platteville to stretch our legs, and to try to wake up. I had already had a little nap, and when I woke up and looked over at Louie, he had his eyes closed! (Thank you God for taking the wheel!) OMG! I yelled HEY! What are you doing? He denied taking a siesta, but later admitted he needed to wake up. We got home about 4:00 or so and we both took a little nap, then we unloaded the car and put our things away.

It was a wonderful weekend. It was so good to spend some time with my sweetie. Tomorrow we’re back to reality and jobs, but that’s all part of what makes weekends like this happen, right?

Have a wonderful week. I hope it’s short for you. Are you off on Good Friday? I am!



That corgi :) said...

I'm not off on Good Friday, so glad you will have a 3-day weekend! Sounds like a wonderful get away for you and your hubby!! I think that movie Mirror Mirror does sound cute, glad you guys got to see it!


Suzan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I don't have Good Friday off but took Easter Monday off from work since my oldest son and his family will be here for Easter. I also took the following Friday off since my younger son and his family arrive the day after the first bunch goes home. It's gonna be crazy (but good) around here!

Jeanna said...

Oh, that sounds like such a nice weekend! I'm expecting pictures of your Spartan soon - I know when you are through with it, it will be in tip-top shape!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me. Now you have 2 nooks? I love my Spartan hand crank. I still have the motor in the basement. My Spartan is set up in the family room right now, and I've been sewing my youngest son's graduation quilt blocks on it whenever I get a chance.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle what a wonderful weekend! Jerry and I never seem to take short trips like that. He's such a planner...wants to know ahead of time every thing we plan to do. I'd rather just take off and go! Blessings, Marlene

Connie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful little mini vacation and so glad you both made it home safely!!

Val said...

I love our getaways too but it is so nice to get home. So glad you had a good time. Sounds so fun. Thanks for praying for Mom.

Debbie said...

Fun times. My hub likes to catch a few winks while he's driving sometimes. The sound of high weeds slapping the side of the car wakes him right up! :+)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love WI...So glad you had a good and refreshing time would your darling Louie. =)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

what a great collection of sewing machines; simply lovely! I'm envious of your thrift store shopping; I have to drive a ways to get to a decent thrift store.


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