Monday, May 28, 2012

White Magna-Matic Zigzag Sewing Machine ~ Model 673

That darn Craigslist!!!

White Magna-Matic 002

The blue cams are for single needle decorative stitches. The black ones are for twin needle decorative stitches.

White Magna-Matic 001

White Magna-Matic 004

White Magna-Matic 005

This one is mine. I found it and inquired about it. We went to get it yesterday. It weighs 43# with the case, foot control, and all the accessories. I think that’s heavier than any machine I own! I have not been able to find anything about this machine on the internet though. I did find a manual to buy (which I do not need) from one of the manual sites, and I think there may be on on ebay, but that’s it. I guess I might be the first to post photos, so if you search images for a White Magna-Matic ZigZag Model 673 Sewing machine, you’ll probably find mine!

I was a little disappointed though. I know you all will think I am crazy, but part of rescuing these machines is to spend time ‘loving them’ cleaning them up. I was all ready to scrub the case lid, and found it was already as clean as it could be. The machine moves free and is clean too. It sounds great and moves fast. So I just put the lid on and put it away until I display it somewhere. Not really crazy about the blue case, but I may find one to swap it with someday, or I might display it without the case.

It was a great price though!!!

One the way home, we stopped at a Goodwill and found another great machine for the Sewing Machine Project. I haven’t done anything except find a free online manual and printed it off. I did plug it in and test it in the store so I know it works, but will oil and clean it better later. It’s a Riccar 2910. It also says on the front Designed For School Use, so I know it is built tougher. It’s the first black modern machine I have run across. Hope I don’t fall in love. Red heart

riccar and white 001

Be blessed,



That corgi :) said...

It is so much fun to read about the machines you find, Michelle. It is amazing how many of them and how you find them, through Craigslist, Goodwill etc. Each has a story to tell, whether or not you can exactly find out the story at the beginning or have to do a bit research to do so!


Jeanna said...

What a wonderful organization: The Sewing Machine Project! They must be so happy to have you working with them. Those are wonderful machines you found. You love sewing machines more than anyone I know!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Two more great finds!! Love the black one.

Anonymous said...

I have the manual for this machine if you are still looking. I also have the machine and am getting brave to try it :)


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