Friday, June 1, 2012

Singer 201

Elizabeth from My Sewing Machine Obsession is another lover of old sewing machines. She is one brave lady, and she digs deep into the heart of those old machines and makes them run again. She takes some that are more terminally ill than the ones I mess with. She takes them further apart, and she even does rewiring. I have my hubby for the wiring part, thank goodness!

201 006

Elizabeth sold me this Singer 201. I have wanted one for so long. With all the junkin’ I have done over the years (many), I have only stumbled upon one 201. I didn’t buy it, and I have kicked myself since, so many times. Elizabeth helped me achieve my dream. Isn’t she pretty?

This machine has a larger harp area, so quilters particularly like this machine, because they can push their quilts through easier. It is MUCH bigger than the modern machines of today. The area measures 8 1/4” long, by 5 3/4” high.

201 001

One of the other things that makes the 201 easy to spot, is the white switch on the front of the three pin terminal housing……

switch 003

…the potted motor…..

201 003

…and the light housing on the front of the machine.

switch 004

201 004

My Singer Story created this certificate for her with a date of 1936. The Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database dates her as being born on June 17, 1936. She will soon be 76 years old!

201 cert0001

Here’s what Alex’s site has to say about the Singer 201.

Thank you Elizabeth!


Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle....SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
Mine, that I do all my sewing on and quilting is a 1938 201! I have a picture on my blog~ So glad you were able to buy her~ ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

P.S. Mine was my grandmother's that I inherited~! I've been teaching my grandchildren to sew on it~ ♥♥♥

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a beauty. Does the 201 have a marking on it?? I don't know that I would know what to look for. I see lots of machines and sometimes a Singer here and there, but I am only familiar with the older Featherweight.

Amelia said...

A beauty - I can understand why you would be interested in this one. You are going to keep it on display, aren't you?

Elizabeth said...

HI Michelle,
How lovely she looks in your home!!! Funny, she was my first 201 and I never named her and I found her early in my obsession when I named ALL of my machines. Enjoy her. I am pleased that she is with you.


That corgi :) said...

Beautiful machine! Hard to imagine that she is actually that old! Neat you have another friend who shares your interests in restoring old sewing machines :)


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

She is a beauty!! I love her!

Connie said...

I have a Singer 201 as well. It runs incredibly fast! What a great machine.

Renea said...

Love this machine. Something about the Singer Black sewing machines makes me love them. I think because I learned to sew on one just like this.

Carol said...

I am new to your blog. The machine is beautiful!
My father gave me a similar Singer two weeks ago. It sews but has been in his basement for some time. It is not an heirloom. He bought it at an auction. I'm not sure when. It has a wooden box with a metal "thing" for a key. It smells so is in our garage. What can be done to rid it of the smell? Using the site listed, it was produced July 15, 1941.

Packrat said...


SueC56 said...

Michelle, I'm another Iowa (Cedar Falls) who bought a 201 from Elizabeth. Mine's a Centennial model, therefore made 1951 or some year shortly thereafter. Does a better job on denim than my Kenmore 1969 (dual belt) 158.17530 or my 2008 Brother NX650.

Sue C


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