Sunday, June 3, 2012

Elna Supermatic

This machine is not mine. It is my friend Judy’s. Her mother gave her this machine, and she asked me to check it over for her, and clean and oil it. She’s pretty, isn’t she?

Supermatic 003

Supermatic 006

Supermatic 005

She was a bit ‘fluffy’ inside, but not horrible.

Supermatic 002

I was surprised Surprised smile to see a nylon gear inside, being that this machine was made in the mid 50’s in Geneva, Switzerland. It is in good shape though!

Supermatic 001

I had it all apart!

elna 002

After all that, I tried to sew with it, and was surprised again when the hand wheel would not turn, as I had been turning it by hand the whole time I had been cleaning it. It was GROWLING Baring teeth smile at me! I called Louie in to help me find the problem and he did.  See the round rubber friction wheel on the motor? See the FLAT spot?

elna 001

That friction wheel runs along the back side of the hand wheel, and that is what makes everything move, and the needle go up and down. It wasn’t going anywhere with the flat spot. The flat spot got there from sitting for many years. The motor is on a kind of spring thing. It pushes against the back side of the hand wheel. Because it hadn’t moved for years, it formed a permanent flat spot, probably from sitting somewhere that was very warm at times. (My friend Elizabeth came to the rescue, without even realizing it!) See this post.

Thanks to the internet, we were able to purchase a new friction wheel, and this morning, Louie put it on.

elna, singer, kenmore 001

elna, singer, kenmore 002

elna, singer, kenmore 004

elna, singer, kenmore 003

case 001

I did my test sewing, and now Elna is ready to go back to Judy! She (Judy) is excited! (Elna might be too, to be able to come out of retirement!)


Jeanna said...

You've done it again! I don't know what your occupation is, but I hope it has something to do with sewing machines, that is obviously your calling in life!

Jordan said...

Hi there!

I have the exact same problem with my otherwise pristine new(ish!) Supermatic. I was wondering did you use a special tool to get the old wheel off and the new one on, or did you do it by hand. I can't get my hands on the special tool, so would like advice on how to manage the change without it.


Packrat said...

Hi - I've been away from reading blogs for awhile. Need to catch up with everyone. Hope you are doing well.

This is random, but do you and any of your readers still need the manual for the Necchi Model 537FA and 536FB? I have one that I'd be happy to copy and share.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That grasshopper is lovely! I gotta get me one of those, one of these days.

Packrat said...

Beautiful machine. I'm surprised about the nylon gear, too. So nice that you were able to find a part to fix the machine.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Michelle,

Tell Judy that if she does not use her machine for long periods of time to remove the hand wheel so that a flat doesn't recur.

Your friend Elizabeth


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