Monday, July 9, 2012

Kenmore 1212

About a month ago, Patty, from New2YouUsedFurniture donated a Kenmore 1212 sewing machine for me to repair and donate to The Sewing Machine Project.

It needed a new tension dial, and it was missing it’s foot control. I ordered a tension dial, and I installed it. Wow, was that slick! We came home with the intention of ordering a foot control for it, or at least a new lead cord, which we would add a foot control to from our ‘stash’, but it just so happened, we had a complete cord and foot control that would fit this machine. How neat was that?

Kenmore 158. 1212180 001

This Kenmore is a straight and zigzag machine, but it sounds, and sews strong. All I did was clean and oil it. It had no ‘stuck’ parts or issues that needed solved. It was raring to go! This machine will make someone a wonderful machine.

Kenmore 158. 1212180 002

All I had to do to install the new tension dial, was open the end door, loosen a tiny screw, pull out the old tension dial (which was bent and missing parts), and pop in the new one.

Kenmore 158. 1212180 005

It sews! Wha-la! This was my ‘get the tension correct’ test towel. Kenmore 158. 1212180 003

One more for ‘the project’. Thanks Patty! This machine will be donated in your name.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am always so amazed at how you are able to bring this little gals back to life! You have such a gift and you are using it to help others :-)

Jeanna said...

Somewhere someone is going to be so grateful for another great machine! You have a gift!!


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