Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Necchi Heavy Duty

When we went to Madison on June 9th to deliver a load of sewing machines to The Sewing Machine Project, we also went junkin’, OH Yes we did!  This was probably the best deal of the day. $7 for this Necchi Heavy Duty sewing machine. This model was made in Taiwan, so not one of the models made in Italy. This one is probably a new model. It was already in a case, with manual and attachments.

Necchi Heavy Duty 002

I didn’t get around to cleaning it up and working on it until Sunday. To tell you the truth, it didn’t need much cleaning, and as far as oiling, someone was ahead of me on that one too. I think what happened, is, someone tried to get it to work for themselves, and gave up. Nothing was stuck, but there was a screw that was loose in the mechanism that allowed the feed dogs to raise above the needle plate. Because the screw was loose, no movement of fabric happened. I think they just gave up. Once we tightened the screw into the right position, the feed dogs worked like they should once again.

It did have a few other problems, I guess. The needle was SERIOUSLY bent, and the bobbin case, race, and shuttle race ring was completely out of the machine. I wonder if they didn’t get the bobbin case snapped in, and it fell out while trying to sew, bending the needle. I could see where frustration could happen.

I put in a new needle, adjusted the tension a bit, and that is about all we had to do. The machine sews strong and fast.

Necchi Heavy Duty 003

This machine is now ready to go BACK to Madison the next time we make a delivery.

Necchi Heavy Duty 004


Karen O said...

Great machine Michele. I have a question - what type of shops do you find these machines in? I have tried so many places here in Minnesota and only found one with a couple of sewing machines. All of our Goodwill shops are very new and all set up the same way, and I can never find much in the way of machines or fabric.

Packrat said...

What a nice machine! Funny how people just "throw away" things.

Jeanna said...

You are already getting quite a few machines ready for your next trip! You have a magic touch with finding and fixing!!

Sandra Smith said...

I just purchased this machine from a thrift store nearby and am trying to find the manual for it. Can you give me any info on what the model might be or where I might find the manual?

Thank you!


Sandra Smith said...

I just purchased this machine from a local thrift store and am trying to find a manual for it. Can you tell me the model number or what's on the manual so I can find one please? Thank you!



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