Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kenmore 19412

On Saturday while we were in Indiana, we went to a flea market. The problem was, that we didn’t have enough time to really look around. It was a HUGE place! We were probably only in the building for a half hour, then we needed to leave. While we were there, I found the Pfaff, which I blogged about on Monday, and my brother and sisterinlove found this machine. This machine was  purchased for The Sewing Machine Project. It was a joint effort. My brother bought it, and I cleaned, oiled, and replaced the presser foot, and Louie modified the needle plate insert.

Kenmore 19412 001

This photo of a needle plate insert is not the needle plate on the machine, but one similar to it, borrowed from a google image search.

ss plate

This image was also borrowed from google, and the foot on the machine was also very much like this one. There’s only a couple things wrong wrong with that combination. You cannot zigzag with a straight stitch needle plate insert or a straight stitch foot. If you do,  you will have needle pieces flying everywhere!

ss foot

We needed a plate insert like this. (Also a borrowed image). Between the needle plate insert, and a super high shank foot, I was looking to spend about $35.

zz plate

You will have to enlarge this photo to see, probably, but Louie used his special shop tools, and opened the needle hole up from a straight stitch hole, to a zigzag hole. It is not precision like the one above, but it does work. I also put on a super high shank satin stitch foot that I had in my stash of presser feet (thank you Goodwill) and it will work just fine. Money spent: $0. Zero. Score!

Kenmore 19412 002

Kenmore 19412 003

I’ve got three more machines to clean and go over before I run out and need to find more!


shelly said...

I have a Very similar machine that I need to get rid of before we move! Would love to give it to you if we could hook up sometime ;) or..I can leave it with one of our crafty sisters lol!

Connie said...

How great that Louie was able to make the hole wider! I bought a plate for my 15-91 with seam markings but the hole is off just a little. Maybe I could get Bob to make it a little bigger, what tool did Louie use?


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