Monday, July 16, 2012

Pfaff Hobby SZA-645F

I know nothing about this sewing machine, except that it came with a manual, and on the machine, it said it was made in Japan for Pfaff. I googled for quite awhile and I found nothing.

Pfaff Hobby 003

I found it at a flea market in Indiana yesterday. It was dirty and it wouldn’t zigzag.  I did all I could, but then I had to call in backup (LouieRed heart). I had it all apart, and he helped me find the ‘stuck’ part. He actually had to remove the part from the machine to work on it, but he got it unstuck.

It’s a cute little machine, and I can only guess that is was from the 70’s, about the time that Kenmore sold their little 3/4 machines, that had the flip up/down extension table….

Pfaff Hobby 004

…and the accessory lid that swung up and out to open access to the accessories.

Pfaff Hobby 005It has a built in buttonholer, some basic stitches and some stretch stitches…..

Pfaff Hobby 009

…and they all work now. Smile

Pfaff Hobby 008

The lid drops down over top of the machine, and there is an oval opening, where the handle, which is attached to the top of the machine fits. You just press down on one end of the handle, to pop up the other end, then you can grab the handle and carry it away.

Pfaff Hobby 006

Can you see the long oval handle in the middle? It used to be white, but an inch of so of the handle on one end had broken off. The piece was still there, so Louie glued it back on. It didn’t look very nice though, so he stuck a strip of black vinyl on the top surface. I think it looks pretty nice!

Pfaff Hobby 007

I haven’t decided whether I will keep it or donate it. Right now, I’m thinking about keeping it, especially because of the fold up extension, but who knows? I think the only reason someone was selling it, was because it wouldn’t zigzag and the cost to repair it was probably too much. I probably wouldn’t have spent the money either. I am glad though, that it didn’t go to the land fill or scrap yard. Smile


Packrat said...

It is a cute little machine. Just curious, does it have "plastic" or metal gears?

Michelle said...

@Packrat: The camstack is plastic, but it is in perfect condition. I only paid $15 for it!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I don't know why I didn't find your blog sooner (other than the fact that there are a bazillion gazillion blogs out there). I love that you refurbish vintage machines!

Connie said...

Great looking machine, the blanket stitch looks wonderful! You guys can fix any machine!

Jeanna said...

That is one good looking machine! Chalk up yet another success story!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

This is a darling sewing machine!!

PhilClaud said...

Hi Michelle, I have the exact same machine! I LOVE mine! Here's my review on PR (in case anyone is interested):

Belle said...

I have this machine and found your blog while hunting for a manual - I've misplaced mine. I purchased mine, new, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1980. It's a good, basic sewing machine. Mine has always had an issue with the bobbin threads getting caught and clogging. I've had it looked at many times, but no one can figure out what its problem is. Just temperamental, I guess. LOL Now, after 35 years, the bobbin winder mechanism has sort of fallen apart. No biggie. That's why they sell bobbin winders! :)

We "rescue" vintage machines, too, mostly treadles, though. :) Nothing like a good, old sewing machine!

Denise said...

Hello, I found this Pfaff machine for my neighbor at a Goodwill store, but it came with two different bobbins. Could someone please post a picture of the bobbin that should be used with the machine? As you know, it's hard to find any information or parts for this machine! It is just the cutest machine!!!
Thank you! Denise

Denise said...

Hello, I just bought this Pfaff 645F at Goodwill for my neighbor. It came with two different bobbins and I wondered whether someone might post a picture of the bobbin that should be used. I'd like to order more. It is such a cute machine and so unique!!!
Thanks, Denise

Veronica B said...

I have the same machine and I love it. I'm having the same problem with the zig zag. What part did he remove?

Veronica B said...

i have this Machine and I love it. Unfortunately I'm having the same problem with the zigzag. What part did he fix? said...

I have this machine and I love it, got for a graduation gift from my parents, I use it all the time, but ow my bobbin winder broke, the metal piece broke and I need a new one, do you know where I can get a replacement for this model



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