Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kenmore 54

I love Craigslist, but it makes me do BAD things. There, I have made my confession. I don't know smile

I stalk Craigslist looking for machines to love, and to pass on. This one, I’m going to love. It reminds me of the one I was gifted last week.  In fact, I thought it was going to be the same color (yellow and green), but it turned out to be crème and lavender. I’m not disappointed at all. A lady was selling it. It used to be her mother’s. It was in a cabinet, but we removed it. I don’t have room for cabinets.

Kenmore 54 001

It was dirty and needed a bath, but not too dirty. It looked like it was full of scratches, but I used scouring powder where I thought there were scratches, and it cleaned up pretty good. There are some nicks, but I dabbed on some ‘white out’ correction fluid (I use that for a LOT of things!) and smeared it around, then wiped the machine back off with a damp cloth. It diminished them by a bit.

Kenmore 54 007

Kenmore 54 010

Love those ‘emblems’ and ‘grill work’ pieces.

Kenmore 54 004

Kenmore 54 008

It came with a lot of accessories and cams for more decorative stitches, and a manual. I might have paid a bit more for it than I normally would, but it takes the same cams as the machine I got last week, and those cams are pretty hard to find. When you do find them, they are expensive, so I went with it.

kenmore 54 011

kenmore 54 012

There are 12 E cams in the accessory box. They are numbered 2-13, and each cam has a two sides, each side having a different decorative stitch. The cams are labels A and B, so 2A, 2B-13A, 13B. There is a cam in the machine. It is 1A, 1B. 1A is the zig zag cam, and 1B is the blind stitch cam. The machine has a stitch width dial, but it does nothing without the cam. The accessory box also has everything to make button holes, which I am SURE, I will never use.

kenmore 54 014


That corgi :) said...

I bet if you advertised on Craigslist the service project you are involved with for sewing machines, you might get donations of them. I know if I was on Craigslist and saw such an ad, I would want to donate a sewing machine to it.

I hope you guys had a great Fourth!


Kristie said...

I just love the looks of those older machines. I love the fact that they are NOT PLASTIC. As you know, I just got my first Kenmore, I sewed on it all day yesterday and I am in love with it!

Connie said...

Another great machine and how neat to have all the cams, looks wonderful!

queenopearls said...

I adore your skill, tenacity and generosity. :)
I never thought of white out... I've used car touch up paint I pickup at the drug store. Works on tubs and sinks too. :)

~Christina in Cleveland, OH

Meagan said...

Hi Michelle, I was just gifted this exact same "model 54" from someone in my church! It's in good condition and after and oil it runs smoothly, but the tension assembly seems to be off. Any tips for replacing or repairing? This is also a table mount with a knee controller. The knee controller is also off, it goes from 0-60 but nothing in between (only fast!)I need to either repair or replace it. Any tips would be extra helpful.

Danika Reid said...

Hello! I was gifted a Kenmore 54 but I only have the one cam that came with it. Any ideas where I can find a set of cams like yours?

Michelle said...

Here are some on Ebay, but they also come with accessories. Not a bad price and it looks like you get all the orange cams in this set.


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