Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Necchi-Alco A709-5

You know, looks aren’t everything. When we found this machine, it was in a cabinet. Of course, we removed it, as The Sewing Machine Project does not take cabinets, and it’s a good thing, or I WOULD have to rent a U-HAUL! This machine has had a busy life, I believe. The paint is FAR from perfect, but ohhhh, with some oil and a little love, it purrs. You could easily sew with this machine at any time during sleeping hours and not stir a soul! It is strong and quiet, and makes lovely stitches. I’ll show you the ‘after’ pictures first.

Necchi-Alco 009

Necchi-Alco 013

It came with the original manual, but I copied it to digital form, and printed a copy to send with the machine.

Necchi-Alco 011

It sews straight, zig zag and blind stitches.

Necchi-Alco 012

Now I will tell you show you the ‘dirt’ (and clean) on this machine! You will have to click to enlarge photos to see the details.

The machine was FILTHY, and the edge of the bed had some severe paint damage.

Necchi-Alco 002

A little soap and water, and Almond Appliance Touch-Up paint fixed it right up!

Necchi-Alco 008

Necchi-Alco 005Necchi-Alco 003

Necchi-Alco 004

Necchi-Alco 013

Nothing was ‘stuck’ on it, and it appeared to have been oiled recently, but I did my normal ‘clean and oil’ on it anyway. I started to fall in love with it, just I do all the machines I work on, but I reminded myself who these machines were for, and now that I have blogged about it, I will put it in it’s suitcase and carry it downstairs to be with the ‘others’ waiting to go to Madison.


Amy said...

great job on cleaning it up. beautiful stitches!!

Packrat said...

The stitches look as perfect as any I've ever seen. Wow! Would be easy to fall in love with it. Good job of cleaning it up.

Jeanna said...

Wow, another sewing machine! You do beautiful work!

Elizabeth said...

Nice machine! I have a Kenmore 158.511 that is as quiet as can be. Its and endloader too...

Christine Nelson Stevens said...

My friend needs a manual for a necchi alco ss46 and it looks like this model. Is there a way she could receive a copy of the manual?

leonor soto said...

May i purchase a copy of the manual for this particular machine from you? The one i have belonged to my mom and im not sure where she bought.my mom passed 2 yrs ago and my sister told me i could have it. I love the machine and am excited about using it, i just font know much about it.

Michelle said...

Leonard soto. You must give me your email address for me to help you.

Michelle said...

Leonard soto. You must give me your email address for me to help you.

Thefordness Indeed said...

Hi Michelle, great post! I also am in need of a manual for this machine, it's my mothers and I am going to try it out. I think it could use a good cleaning and oiling but I have no idea where to start. You can reach me at thefordness@gmail.com

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, sounds like you really enjoy your projects, your machine looks just like mine:) I found my Necchi-Alco a709-5 at a Goodwill and brought it home so excited to try it out and a year has gone by and haven't got it up and running yet, it somewhat works but has issues, I will have to probably take it to an expert.
Anyway, I know nothing about this machine and was hoping I could also purchase a copy from you somehow?
Thanks for the read,

Michelle said...

Could you provide your email address? You are a no-reply blogger so I cannot respond to you. Thank you.


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