Monday, September 10, 2012

Singer 503

We found this machine while we were in Madison delivering the last bunch of sewing machines to The Sewing Machine Project. It was pretty dirty, and it has some cosmetic flaws, but overall, a pretty nice machine. The motor is strong and fast, and we didn’t have to rework it.

Singer 503 010

Singer 503 011

It is capable of making decorative stitches with additional pattern cams, but I did not get any with this machine, so this machine will only be doing straight stitch and zig zags.

Singer 503 012

When I was cleaning it up, I discovered it had a broken door. If you look at this picture, this is the good end. See the hole in the piece that sticks out? That hole fits over a pin on the machine, so the door can swing open on the end of the machine.

Singer 503 001

The hole on the top end of the door had broken, so it couldn’t hang onto the pin. My hubby cut a ‘slot’ into the door, inserted a washer, ground it down to the right size, and super glued it in place.

Singer 503 008

Good as new and works just like it should.

Singer 503 006

I have twelve sewing machines all ready to go now, and I have one in the garage to work on. I hope it cleans up and works ok. I really let myself get behind on these machines, and I am ready to have the ‘to do’ list finished!


Kristie said...

Another wonderful looking machine! What do you use to clean the outside of your machines to get all of that gunk and stains off?

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

JustPam said...

Common problem with these machines-that is a weak point. Good job by your DH to get it working again.

You may want to sell this one to finance future purchases. I think this is a pretty desirable collector's machine.

Packrat said...

A wonderful looking machine. It has that fun "space age" look.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Isn't that a Rocketeer? how cool! You find so many machines in your area. The few machines I find cost way too much! I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. I had vein laser surgery last Friday, and, I have to keep my legs propped up. Having it on the other leg in a week. They didn't mention to me that I wouldn't be able to lift anything (like my machines). At least hubby has been here to lift them so far.


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