Saturday, September 8, 2012

Singer Fashion Mate 257

When we made our first sewing machine delivery to The Sewing Machine Project in June, we also went junkin’. We came home with four sewing machines, I think, and this was one of them. It did not have a foot control, so I needed to purchase one.

Singer 257 001

Singer 257 002

I started working on it, and I could not get power to the machine, or the light. I found out that the light bulb was missing, so I put in a light bulb, but still no power. I tried a different foot control from my own collection, and still no power. (Sigh!) I handed it off to hubby to see if he could figure it out. Only a few minutes later, he called me to his shop and flipped this switch on the lamp.

Singer 257 004

This switch is for both the lamp and the power. I just thought that was such an odd place. Now, had the switch been on the body, I would have had no problem figuring it out, but since it was on the lamp, I couldn’t. Well, Duh!

 Add Duh

This machine is HEAVY, and QUIET, and sews so smoothly. Ok, yes, I did think about keeping it, Embarrassed smile but only for a minute.

Singer 257 003

Thanks to galstudio, I downloaded and printed a manual for it. Thank you, galstudio!  This machine is now ready to head back North in October sometime.


Amy said...

Hello! nice machine.

Kristie said...

That looks like another nice machine. So, I'm just curious how many machines do you think you have that you are keeping? LOL!

Have a wonderful and Blessed day


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