Friday, September 7, 2012

JC Penney 6915

We found this JC Penney sewing machine at one of our favorite Goodwill stores awhile back for The Sewing Machine Project. We plugged it in, and we could hear the motor running, but no movement. ‘Oh well’, we said, the foot controller is worth the price tag.

wrought iron 001
I sent it to my hubby’s shop, and he came back in with evidence of a broken belt. ‘No problem!’, he said. ‘I’ll just go the Farm Implement store and get an O-ring to fix it’, and so he did!

etc 017
I found a manual pdf online to buy, and cleaned it up.

manual 001
It will sew a straight stitch, and 4 other stitches.

wrought iron 003
One more for the trip North.


Kristie said...

Looks like another nice machine! How many do you have ready to go right now for the sewing machine project?

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a nice machine! I love that your husband knew exactly which part would replace that belt! Clever guy.

Jeanna said...

If I were an old sewing machine I would want you to find me!

Judy Barry said...

I have exactly this JC Penney 6915. Same issue - my belts were so old they crumbled. By chance, do you know how long the O-ring was that he used to replace the belt?

This was a very interesting read.


Michelle said...

Hi Judy. No, I do not know how long the o-ring was. He took the old one with him and compared it for size. I do not have the machine anymore, as I donated it to the Sewing Machine Project. Perhaps you could take a string and go around where the belt goes and start with that. Good luck!

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

I bought one like it today with the same problem. Opened the top and everything seems to work, but I can see the belt and it's not catching. Will figure out exactly how to get to it in a while. lol. Please tell me exactly what kind of O ring you used. I've read these have a two belt system. You can respond to my question at:

April Buchman said...

Thanks for sharing. I just got the exact same one at a yard sale. It needs a lot of cleaning and I'm sure I got to oil and grease in some spots but cant find a manual without paying for it. I would like to know where you got you bought yours so I can buy it from there too. I'm hoping it works well as my grand daughter has taken quite an interest in sewing as well. She is only 8 years old. I'm proud

Michelle said...

April, You are a no reply blogger, so I don't have your email address to reply. If you could provide me an address, I will email you. Thanks.

Gilbertlai said...

Dear Michelle,

I'm from Malaysia and I saw your blog regarding JC Penny Sewing Machine 6915 and I understand you do have a copy of the instruction manual for the said machine. May I enquire as to whether could you sent to me a soft copy of the JC Penny Sewing Machine 6915 manual so as to enable me to try to fix up my sewing machine accordingly.

I sincerely hope you are able to and I thank you in advance of the same.
Gilbert Lai Email address:

Gilbertlai said...


Gilbertlai said...


Gilbertlai said...

I'm from Malaysia and I have read your blog and understand that you do have the instruction manual for JC Penny 6915 sewing machine . I wish to enquire as to whether could you please sent a soft copy of the said instruction manual to me. I have a quite similar sewing machine and hope to get it working with the assistance of the instruction manual.

I thank you in advance of the same.

Gilbert Lai Email address: said...

I just bought the same sewing machine 6915 and did not have an instruction manual etc. Would you please tell me where yI can find one also. I've looked on line and they want between $7-$20 for a PDFs version. Would really like the printed . Thank you.


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