Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Quilting--Yankee Puzzle

Last month our quilting group decided that we needed a little ‘jump start’. We all love getting together, laughing, and visiting, but some of us (I’m guiltyEmbarrassed smile) were getting downright lazy! There have been many times when I would just sit and visit, AND THAT IS OK, but not very productive. A few of us talked and decided that we would suggest to the group that we learn a new block, or do some kind of project every month to bring some interest and excitement back. We draw a name each month for a fat quarter exchange, with the winner getting two stacks of fq’s.  We decided that if you win the draw for the FQ stack, you also get to choose a block for us to sew.
This month, Christie won the draw (she chose 30's Reproductive prints), so she chose the block we would make. She chose the ‘Yankee Puzzle’ block. We talked about doing it a couple different ways. The person choosing the block could bring fabric for everyone and we could all sew a block and give it back to the person who brought it, or we could cut our own fabric and keep the block. We could also make two blocks, and at the end of the year, put all the blocks together and make a charity quilt. This time, Christie decided to bring fabric all cut and then take all the blocks back home. It is a quick way to have a quilt top finished quickly!
November quilting 003
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I know, I know, this is not the same block, but I wanted to show off the early Christmas gifts that Renea brought to us today. She gave us each a little design board that she made, and she also gave us cute little covered notebooks she made for keeping track of our quilting accomplishments. Aren’t they cute? I love them. She thought today would be a good time to use the design board while doing our quilt blocks. Christie showed us how to lay out the pieces and we stuck them to the board, then sewed them all together to complete our block. I really wish I would have taken a photo when I was doing Christie’s block, but as usual, I failed. Sad smile Anyway……here is the design board with two of my double hourglass blocks on it, and the notebook. Smile Thanks Renea! We love them! November quilting 011
Here’s just one of a few snapshots I took. Renea is in the back, then Christie with her block, and Margaret is working on a Double Hourglass block.
November quilting 001
Here are all of the blocks we made for Christie. We were missing a couple girls, so she only got 8 made, but she will make another one on her own.
November quilting 005
She was deciding here whether she would sash it in the dark brown, or the lighter color.
November quilting 006
I think she decided on the dark brown as sashing, and the lighter ‘gold’ as a border. That COULD change, but she was pretty happy with this.
November quilting 007
More snapshots. KT is in the back, Ronelle at the far ironing board, and Leslie in the front.
November quilting 002
KT is our newest quilter. She is my newest friend, and so sweet.
November quilting 004
Last month we decided that we would all start our own quilts together. I suggested the double hourglass, as I have always liked the looks of the blocks and the finished quilts using those blocks. I was just playing around with how it would look, so I cut up a brown and pink FQ, and a white FQ into 2 1/2” strips and made one block. I made the other three today. For my quilt, I will be using white as the background, and brown print fabrics for the hourglasses. I am planning on 22 different prints, making three blocks from each print/white set, and making the quilt center 8 blocks across and 8 blocks down.That should make it somewhere around 60" or so square before I add a border. All the blocks will be mixed up so no two alike are next to each other. I’m really not sure if I will add more to it than that or not. I’m thinking a scrappy piano key border would be neat . I’ll have to see when I get that far.
November quilting 008
Here is a block from each of us. Top row across: My block, Ronelle’s block, and Margaret’s block. Row 2: Renea’s block, KT’s block, and Kate’s block. Row three: Leslie’s block, and Christie’s block.
November quilting 009
It was such a fun day today. We missed you Patty and Polly!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute block

Hazel said...

What a great idea ,love the block .

kath001 said...

I miss my quilting group. I used to be the baby of the group when I was a stay-at-home mom. Then the kids grew up, and I went back to work. Someday I'll get back into it...but I won't be the baby anymore! :)

Suzy said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Sylvia's Blog-Tag game. It sounds like you have a fun group of quilters! I used to belong to a group and what fun we had! Then I had to go back to work and so went the quilting and the groups.:-( Please stop by and say hello and I'd love it if you would follow me too!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

what a fun group you your blocks too. I would like to share some of your ideas with a few friends and see if we, too, might do something similar!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the double hourglass block! And I love these small stitching groups - my Nimble Thimbles group met yesterday and we had a ball. We meet somewhere for lunch, or sometimes one of us cooks, then go to someone's house to stitch the afternoon away. Yesterday we had a Christmas block exchange. There are only 8 of us so we'll have to make an extra block to get 9 for a quilt or figure out some ingenious way to use 8! blessings, marlene

Kristie said...

Wow! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time. I don't have anyone that lives locally to sew with. Most of the ladies in our quilt guild live on the other side of the county and I don't think any of them sew with anyone else.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day


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