Saturday, November 3, 2012

Madison Treasures

Last weekend when we went to Madison to deliver sewing machines, we did some junkin’. Rolling on the floor laughing We stopped in Verona, at the St. Vincent De Paul store, and I found this little crystal lamp. It is heavy, and so pretty.


treasures 003

Metal star: Nakoma Plaza Goodwill in Madison.

treasures 004

Cross: Salvation Army store close to the East Towne Mall.

treasures 001

Atomic Clock: South Towne Goodwill. All it needed was batteries and a good signal. I took down one of my clocks in the kitchen, and put this one up. I love Atomic clocks because they are accurate and they set themselves! I have not discovered that the second hand does not move, but it keeps perfect time, so I don’t care!

treasures 002

Medical scissors: Consignment shop we found near the SMP drop off center. I’m thinking they will be added to my quilting scissors collection.

scissors 001


I found this little handbag at the East Towne Goodwill. I like small handbags…..

junkin' 006

…and this little handbag has two different sides. Here is one side, which I really like….

junkin' 003

…and here is the other side. I found this handbag at the Platteville Goodwill.


junkin' 004

My fabric came from a couple different places. The angel fat quarter came from Nakoma Plaza. The two Peace Sign fabrics (about 2 yards each) came from the Salvation Army, and the bottom print (sheet) came from the  St. Vincent De Paul store in Verona. junkin' 001

My Santa Bear came from the East Towne Goodwill.

junkin' 005

I got all this, including my Kenmore 1060 sewing machine, for under $50. Not bad!


I’m getting anxious to put up my Christmas tree. Are you?


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I really love that star. What fun you had. And a new machine, too! Woohoo! I stopped a a few antique shops on my drive to TX, but didn't get much. Lots of shops here, if I get the time.

Kristie said...

Wow! You are a bargain shopper...lots of goodies.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

That corgi :) said...

LOL about the Christmas tree and being anxious to put it up. Honestly, I have just resolved the fact that I am somewhat eager to have son put up the Christmas tree this year so that's better than previous years when I didn't even want one up :)

All great finds you found at a variety of shops too! I especially like that crystal lamp!

have a great weekend!


shelly said...

I love Madison junk shops! They're the best around :)

Val said...

I so need you to come and help me with our new house we are remodeling!!! You are so good at finding treasures! Thanks for the comment and I am glad to be back!!!

Amelia said...

You must be reading my mind about putting up a Christmas...I wanted one here in the study (where I spend a lot of time on the computer) so found a small one with lights at fits perfect on the window seat in from of the bay decorations on it yet...but will soon. I already have out my Christmas dishes...used them the first time today. I enjoy decorating for the Holiday am starting early so I can enjoy it longer. Have a Blessed weekend.

Jeanna said...

You found some wonderful bargains - I love the purse! It was a beautiful day today so we put up our outside Christmas lights, and bought a new Christmas tree, but I'm going to try to wait til the day after Thanksgiving. My family is VERY tradition minded, so I can't mess with things too much!


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