Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Junkin’ We Will Go….We Went!

Louie and I went junkin yesterday. We started out by having breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, then we hit the road. The first place we went, I found this pot metal wall pocket shaped like a thimble. It is 4.5” wide by 5” tall. 

junkin feb 9 007

I also found this vintage thermal dish. I loved the color of it. It is so 60’s. The cup I found much later, almost at the end of our day, and you guessed it. I loved the color, so had to bring it home.

junkin feb 9 013

We proceeded down the road to our first Goodwill. I found this pillowcase, liked it, so I bought it for the fabric. I thought repurposed, it would look cute as a thread catcher/pincushion bag, or a litter bag. I also found this orange mesh lingerie bag, and a cute pink Kleenex box cover. Someone paid $25 for the kleenex cover new. Surprised smile I paid $1.38. Rolling on the floor laughing

junkin feb 9 008

junkin feb 9 009

junkin feb 9 012

We went to a Salvation Army store next, and I found the top three fabrics in this pile. (The bottom fabric, I found at the last store we went to.) There is a half yard of the top fabric, and a yard+ of the red and green. There is also about a yard of the bottom fabric, but it is a wider fabric.

 junkin feb 9 011

I found a set of bed risers, which I needed, because on Friday afternoon, I moved my couch and an end table in my living room, and the end table was too short when I put it behind the couch. Now it is ok.

risers 001

risers 002

risers 003

Next, we went to Milan Surplus in Milan, Illinois. Louie and I had lots of fun there! Louie bought a TON of stainless screws, nuts, bolts, and washers for $4 a POUND, and I bought some small scissors for when I make thread catcher bags, some microfiber dishcloths and a couple microfiber dishtowels. We spent ‘too much’ money there, but we had FUN! We actually went there TWICE. After we left, Louie decided he would like to get more hardware, so on my second trip, as I was wandering around, I found a room in the back that had some antiques. My friend Kate JUST ASKED me to look for these last week. I was very surprised and pleased to find them for her already. Hope she likes them! She says they are for folding angel food cake batter, and she wanted one for herself and for her sisters.

junkin feb 9 006

A couple of other things I found…a king size sheet for a quilt back….

junkin feb 9 010

A concert DVD of Legacy Five, and a movie….

junkin feb 9 015

Probably the thing I was most excited about finding though, was a 6’ Office Star folding table. It was brand new. When we were unfolding it, one set of legs wanted to unfold in the wrong direction, but Louie gently urged them in the right direction, and all worked out just fine. Someone must have returned it to the store they bought it, and the store donated it.

junkin feb 9 002

It opened just fine and is very sturdy.

junkin feb 9 001

I will store it behind the door in my office and when I/we need it for a project or more table space on the main level of our home, it will be handy to get to.

junkin feb 9 003

The door has a stopper on the bottom, so I know it will stay secure until I need it.

junkin feb 9 004

Louie found a couple sewing machines at the AMVETS store and bought them before I knew anything about them. This Singer Stylist 518 was a lost cause. It had a broken gear, so I stripped it and it is going to ‘sewing machine heaven’. It was a nice $8 donation, but I did keep parts off it, and I have the manual, cams, foot control, and accessories that came with it, so all was not lost.

junkin feb 9 014

The other Singer ‘lives’, so I will tell you about that in a separate post. I hope your Saturday was as fun as mine!

Be blessed,


OH! I almost forgot! I found another Isabel Bloom bird. The one I found yesterday is on the left looking up. The boy is not a ‘Bloom’, but a concrete figure from a lawn ornament place, where I bought him years ago. I don’t remember if I named him, or he had a name, but his name is Tyler.

bird 001

It’s a rainy, cold 37*, windy day here in Eastern Iowa. This is a view out my office window into my back yard and beyond.

rain 001

It’s a perfect PJ day to do whatever, or nothing!


That corgi :) said...

I like that table! What a great find!! Perfect too how compact if folds up!! All other great finds for you Michelle!


Renea said...

Love all your finds. The fabric looks really nice and cute. The Thimble is really cute. Would be cute to hang by your sewing machine and keep supplies in it. Looks like you had a great day.

Kristie said...

Wow! You hit the jackpot with. All of your goodies. I can't wait to find out about your other machine.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Designer Jules said...

Sounds like a fun day. That table is a great find.

Elizabeth said...

I have three of those tables. Two in the sewing loft and one in the house. The one in the house is a smaller one and it is terrific. I bought mine new. You are one lucky woman!

Enie Dub said...

Wow, you got some great finds! I'd love to go shopping in your neck of the woods.

I'm having a giveaway on my blog for St Patrick's Day.

You or some of your readers may want to swing by and have a look

Jeanna said...

You always find wonderful things! My favorite is the half thimble to hang on the wall - WOW! I collect thimbles and that is fantastic!! Sounds like a fun day, I guess it's back to the grindstone now... Thank goodness for week-ends!

Connie said...

What great finds Michelle, you guys always have so much fun! Can't wait to hear about the other sewing machine!

Hazel said...

Those tables come in so handy ,we have two of them and use them all the time .You always find the best treasures .

Packrat said...

Such great finds, and you are so lucky to have a husband who goes thrifting/junking with you.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Oh I just LOVE that red thimble shaped wall sconce. Wouldn't it look lovely filled with fabrics or flowers? Love those fabrics, too. Mary E. cherries. Glad you had fun 'picking' with Louie.

waggonswest said...

What a fun day. Such great treasures.


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