Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quilt Frame Scrap Bag

I have wanted to make a hanging scrap bag for my quilter ever since I got the idea for it, and that was a few months ago. I just hadn’t found the time, but today all I did was sew! It was kind of nice. I like how it turned out! My friend Kate gave me the fabric several months ago, and I have been itchin’ to make something with it. It is so cute and cheerful!



I had picked up a small waste basket quite awhile ago while junkin’, and one day I thought it would be the perfect size for throwing away scraps of batting and fabric when I cut the quilt off the frame, and for threads while quilting, but I wanted it up off the floor, so I thought I could make something to hang on the front roller of my frame, big enough for the basket to slide into. I don’t usually use the roller, since I have been ‘floating’ the quilt tops lately when quilting, so this would be the perfect place…(I hope).

I squared the bottom….


…sewed a long ‘tab’ to wrap around the roller, and sewed ‘hook and loop’ to the tab, and to the back of the bag to secure it.


Here it is, ready for the next time I quilt a top. Hmmm…wonder when that will be? Thinking smile


I also made another Market Bag, and I added the pictures to yesterday’s post, if you want to see it.

Have a great week!


Suzan said...

Great idea and very clever!!

Packrat said...

Really cute and no more stuff all over the floor. :)

Connie said...

Looks great Michelle and very handy!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute. What is the white inside? Did you put a bucket in it?

Kristie said...

Love that idea!

Have a wonderful and Blessed day


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