Sunday, June 9, 2013

Belair (Canadian/French?) 220

This is the second sewing machine I worked on today for The Sewing Machine Project. I picked up this machine quite awhile ago, maybe even last fall. I thought it was sleek and smooth looking. It has been sitting in my garage for a long time, along with the rest of them.
It is a straight stitch machine only, a class 15 machine, and weighs a ton.
I had a difficult time finding out much about this machine. The plate under the edge of the bed says it was Canadian made by the Marvel Sewing Machine Co in Montreal Canada. The only manual I could find for it was a hard copy for $17, so I passed, and downloaded a class 15 sewing machine manual I found free online.
A troubleshooting sheet is attached to the inside bottom of the carrying case in English.
Also in French (?).
The bobbin winding mechanism is a little different, but not hard to figure out. It was ‘stuck’ and needed oil, and it needed a new bobbin tire, so I fixed that. There were many other places that needed some oil, so I took care of all of them as well.
The belt, I believe was original, but brittle from age and shredding, so I replaced that as well.  The motor seems very good!
On the whole, I believe that this machine never did see much use. Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape. The needle was inserted incorrectly, and the bobbin was also inserted incorrectly. Once that was corrected, I think it sews a very nice stitch. It is strong and quiet.
It is fully bathed and ready for it’s trip to Madison!
Yes, I was tempted to keep it….just keepin’ it real! Rolling on the floor laughing

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I can see why you were tempted. It's a pretty machine!


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