Friday, June 14, 2013

New Home 571

I’m having my own Sewing Machine Project repair day at home today. This New Home 571 sewing machine came home with us after the last Sewing Machine Project Volunteer Day.

new home 005

A lady sitting next to me, and working on this machine, noticed that the bobbin cover plate could not be put back on the machine, because one of the screws was missing in the plate, and the bracket was twisting around on the back. Although the screw was a phillips, and not a straight headed screw, I found one here to use. (See, it DOES pay to save parts once in awhile!)



She also thought there was a problem with the thread guide and tension bracket for winding bobbins, as she was not being successful in winding a bobbin. I looked at it, and thought something was missing. I planned on finding a replacement for that as well, but it ended up being ok. It just needed some adjustment on the tension. It wound a bobbin very well!


The needle was in backwards, and the tensions needed adjusting (as you can see), but I got the stitches looking a bit better, and tested the stretch stitch function (where you see the darker zigzag and darker straight stitches.


I performed my normal inspection and oiling of moving parts, and gave it a sponge bath. It earned it’s Sewing Machine Project sticker, and now it is ready to go back to Madison.

new home 003

It even came with a manual, and I am going to scan it to pdf before I let it go, just in case I need one for another machine later. Smile

new home 007


Connie said...

Great job Michelle!

Renea said...

This is a really cute sewing machine. Love the colors. You are "The Sewing Machine Whisperer.!

Gavin Henderson said...

Aw that's the make and model I remember my Mam sewing on when I was a boy. It was probably new in the mid 1970s. She sewed knit, cotton and velvet dresses for my Gran and Sister and acres of curtains on that machine. Lovely to see another one again.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is a pretty one!Love the red....

Elizabeth Rieland said...

Love the site! Found this model in my MIL garage in good condition but no instruction mannual, can I view the pdf you scanned?


Michelle said...

I'm sorry Elizabeth, but you are a no-reply blogger. Unless you make your email address available, I cannot contact you. Please google how to not be a no-reply blogger and send me your email address.

K Woolrich said...

I just received this machine as is from a friend. I have no instruction manual - of I watch a bunch of you Tube videos do you think an average Joe person like myself would be able to bring it back to life? It works but needs an oil, as well as the needle clamp and screw (the only missing parts that I can tell.

Any idea where I can purchase parts like that for this machine??/

Michelle said...

K Woolrich, please send me your email address and I will do what I can to help you. (

amy navarro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

Amy, you are a no-reply blogger. I can't help you without an email address.

Lori Ott said...

I have this exact model and am looking for a replacement motor for it. Can you help with a suggestion? Can't seem to find a repair shop that can help.

roasted ott

Michelle said...

Since the machine attaches to a bracket, and the bracket the machine, any sewing machine motor should work. Check ebay for motors.


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