Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last Friday when I was working on sewing machines, this is one of them I worked on. I spent SEVERAL hours on this one, but in the end, it was well worth it. A friend donated this sewing machine to me. We made a deal, really. She likes to repurpose things, so she told me I could have this sewing machine, if she could keep the cabinet. I said that was great, and that I had a cabinet I could give to her as well (although I haven’t given her the cabinet yet. Hopefully this weekend I can get it loaded and ready for her on Monday).

Stratavaro 005

I told her about The Sewing Machine Project, and she said she had a sewing machine which had been in her possession for close to 20 years. She wanted to sew with it, but it never happened.  When she gave it to me, it had no light and motor block or the foot controller. The light power cord had been lengthened, and the electrical job was scary, to say the least. Louie cut the cord and put on a new plug. The screw that holds in the needle was also missing. This machine is HEEEEAAAVVYY!

Stratavaro 003

It was also quite dirty, and in need of oiling and for the gummed up oil to be softened.

Stratavaro 002

Stratavaro 001

I cleaned it up, and borrowed the light and motor block that I needed from myself, replaced the needle screw, and tested the light and the motor. The light wouldn’t work, because the little ‘plunger’ that you see sticking out on the end of the sewing machine wasn’t pushing in the light switch far enough to turn it on, or off. I think something must have been missing. (You might want to enlarge photo).

Stratavaro 004

My sweet Louie fabricated a new ‘plunger’ and secured it to the light housing, and it worked like new! He has made more than pool cues with his pool cue lathe!


After a proper cleaning and oiling, I had to play around for awhile and figure out how to use this sewing machine. It has some pretty neat stitches, and the way you change the stitch patterns was a little bit unique, but I figured it out. It is all pretty neat, actually!

Stratavaro 007

I think it looks pretty good now….

stradivaro 001

….and it makes some awesome stitches!

Stratavaro 006

I purchased the light and motor block with foot control, and I found a manual online at SewUsa to buy (which was not easy!) and printed a copy to include with the machine. The manual I found was not ‘Stradivaro’, but Deluxe ZigZag #25 Instruction Manual (Inv-Deluxe ZZ-25-1B).

I am still hoping to find some paint close enough in color to touch up the front edge of the machine, but otherwise it is ready to head North.


kath001 said...

You and your sweetie are pretty amazing and a real blessing to others!

Andrea said...

I just love reading all of your refurbishing stories...these machines are gems, and I'm so glad someone is rescuing them!

Packrat said...

Interesting machine. Learn new brand names all the time. Great job cleaning it up. :) Someone will enjoy using it.

Jeanna said...

I love reading about your machine rescues! You really have a talent there, and it is wonderful that Louie enjoys it too. What a useful and generous hobby!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Another great job. Motors scare me. I have some that I need to rewire, but, I'm just scared to try so far. One of these days......

Tamara said...

I arrived here via My Sewing Machine Obsession blog, because I saw the photo of your Stradivaro.
I have a nearly identical looking machine badged Aldens, but mine doesn't have the external motor.

Could you please share where you found a manual? I've been looking for a couple years, and have about given up.

Thank You! I like your blog.

Tamara said...

Thank you for the updated information about the instruction manual!

Gail Johnson said...

I have a Stradivaro Super Automatic Zigzag Sewing Machine. I have the original purchase protection signature paper showing my Mother's purchase date 8/1/63, SN 1567. The machine is complete with the Owner's Guide, all embroidery accessories and other machine accessories. It is in a Stradivaro double top closing cabinet with 6 drawers. It is in excellent shape but probably needs cleaning. I am trying to find out what it might be worth and if someone is interesting in buying it.


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