Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yummy To The Very Last Drop

I can’t even begin to tell you how many years ago I was gifted a chocolate scented jar candle. It was a LARGE jar candle. I burned it mostly on quilting days, and days when I spent in the basement, if I thought about burning it, but it burned for several hours every month on quilting day. A few weeks ago, the wax was so close to the bottom of the jar, that when I trimmed the wick so it wouldn’t make a huge flame and soot the jar anymore, it wouldn’t burn. There was a lot of wax stuck to the side of the candle and it still had a good fragrance, so I put the jar on my electric coffee cup warmer (that I use to melt small candles sometimes for the scent instead of burning them), and melted the candle down to all liquid, including what was stuck to the sides.

Next, I got out an old disposable ‘Jenny-O Turkey Roast’ pan and poured the wax into the pan. I knew that I would be able to get the wax out of it, since it was flexible. When it was solid again, a few hours later, I scored the top with lines in the wax, and broke it into pieces.


Now, whenever I feel like ‘chocolate’, I can melt it in my electric warmer. Right now, I am enjoying a ‘Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte’ scent, which a good friend gifted me.


I was gifted this electric warmer for my birthday, and I would like to get a few more for around the house. Do you melt scented wax?


If you have candles that are about ‘used up’, think about making melting tarts out of them, then you can enjoy them to the ‘very last drop’ too.


Renea said...

Great idea Michelle. I actually did this with a candle that I could no longer burn but I have another method of getting the unburned wax out of a jar. Boil some water and slowly pour it in the jar with the wax. Let it sit overnight and the unburned wax will float to the top of the jar so all you have to do is break the wax into a few pieces and you have your wax to melt in the little Scentsy.

Debbie said...

LOL! You're just like me; gonna enjoy it until the last drop. I always dread using up a good candle. My apple cider one is almost gone. Good candles are expensive too. Enjoy!


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