Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Janome 6600 Twin

I think I got my Christmas present early today. I found a Janome 6600 on Craigslist a few days ago, and I made arrangements last night to pick it up this morning. Yes, I DO already have this machine. I bought it in February of 2009. I love it. I love the Accu-feed. I love the needle up/down feature, I love the start/stop button, and I love the thread cutter button. I love that it can make little letters for labels or whatever, if I want. I love the strength of the motor and the ease of sewing thick seams. When I love something, I want more than one. Do you know anyone besides me like that?


I already have my machine all set up in my office, in a Pfaff cabinet I got over a year ago with another machine I picked up on Craigslist. At the time, we actually tried to get the sellers to let us leave the cabinet, but I am glad that they made me take it now. It has a bed that lowers straight down on a track with a spring, into the cabinet for storage, and although the Janome is too wide to lower down into the cabinet, the motor housing keeps it from creeping down farther than it should, and it could, since the machine is so heavy. Louie cut a piece of wood for a spacer between the back of the machine and the cabinet for me, so it fits tight and does not wiggle. When I do put it away, I will remove the machine and set it under the cabinet so I can close it up. 


Louie also drilled a hole for my knee operated presser foot lifter lever. 4 

The previous owner loved this machine, had it serviced regularly, and it is in near perfect condition. Red heart


I’ll probably be playing with my new machine tomorrow. If not, I’ll just enjoy looking at it. I think I’ll put a bow on top of it. Winking smile


Have a great Sunday!


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Kristie said...

You lucky lady!!! I'm glad you got it and hope you enjoy having 2 of them. :)

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have the Janome 4800QC model. Hubby got it for me 9 years ago.

Renea said...

Looks like it is in really nice condition. I love my machine that is just like this one. Have fun playing with it. Merry Christmas to you!!

Anne said...

So happy for you! I would love to have one of those models someday.

UrbanRecyclist Micki S said...

Looks like a very nice machine. Yes, I noticed that about you~ that you have multiple machines of the same kind! I try really hard to resist the temptation. It's hard!


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