Friday, March 7, 2014

JoLynn’s New Quilter

My friend Christie decided that quilting the layers of a quilt were really not her cup of tea, so she put her quilter on Craigslist. I knew she was going to be doing that, so I kept my eyes open, and when I saw that her husband had listed it, I shared the listing on Facebook. JoLynn, my new quilting friend from the Park View Lutheran Quilting Ministry had been thinking about buying a quilter, but I did not know that. The timing was just right, and as soon as I put the listing on Facebook, she let me know that she was VERY interested, and we talked privately for a little bit about it. She wanted to think about it until the next day, and ask her PVLQM friends about it before she committed. I heard the next day from her….SOLD! Christie’s husband took the listing off Craigslist right away, and Thursday night, I went to Christie’s to take the quilter down. I loaded it in my van, and this morning, I took the quilter to JoLynn. We set it up, worked out a few ‘bugs’, and look what she has done already!


This quilt will be for someone very special who will be graduating from the Share and Care Christian Preschool. JoLynn picked out the fabrics and laid out the blocks for this quilt, and now she has quilted it. I love it!


I love the backing fabric too!


I always love taking pictures of the stitching….


…and the back.


I love helping people, and making new friends, and as I was driving home tonight, just thinking about all the friends God has brought to my life, I felt such gratitude. I prayed:

Lord, my heart has swelled, and my eyes have tears from the gratitude I feel because of all the wonderful, loving people who YOU have placed into my life. I feel your love through each and every one of them, and it makes me stand in awe of your goodness. I can't even imagine what Heaven will feel like if You can make me feel so good on this old earth.



Debbie said...

Love it when a good plan is brought together!

kath001 said...

What a good friend you are! I'm considering a quilter (after I get home from my time away) but probably wouldn't have thought to watch Craigslist. Thanks for the tip!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew cool! Congrats to JoLynn, and, now Christie won't be so frustrated with the quilting process. Win, Win!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle I'm so glad your friend got the machine....and I so wish I could have one. :) There's not one inch of space in my house for one so that's not going to happen but maybe someday. If not here, then maybe God will let me have one in Heaven! blessings, marlene


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